Top Tips from Swanwick Team on How to Sleep On a Plane

Hurray! The holidays are almost upon us! For some of you, this means planning a trip abroad or to other states to reunite with your relatives. I know I will be joining in all the merriment and travel to see my family a few hours away. While it may be a relatively short distance, I always try to squeeze in a quick nap. But I’ve always struggled to fall asleep on a plane. Do you also have trouble relaxing during your travels? After enduring a restless trip last year, I decided to make a checklist on how to sleep on a plane or relax during my trips - whether it is long or a short one. I hope my checklist saves you some stress and helps you get some good naps during your holiday trips this year. Here are a few must-haves for your upcoming trips:

Sleep Mask

You don’t always have the luxury to control your sleep environment on a plane. But a sleep mask will help eliminate any distracting light that makes it hard to fall asleep; plus it will give you that extra privacy too. Our 100% Oversized Silk Sleep Mask is the perfect solution! This lightweight and super-soft eyeshade can naturally relax your eyes, and it creates an ideal sleep environment by blocking out all the light. You might also be interested in: The Power of Darkness: Why Sleeping In Darkness Is Key To A Better Life


It can get rather noisy on a crowded plane, plus the altitude can cause discomfort to your eardrums. Our Sound Blocking Earplugs will help you reduce any disturbances, so you can sleep better whether you’re on a plane, a train or in a car.

Travel Neck Pillow

A neck pillow will provide both support and comfort throughout the plane ride. Using a nifty pillow when you travel will minimize putting pressure on your neck while you sleep. It’s definitely a must-have!


If you’re like me and you suffer from travel anxiety, our Sleep Hypnotherapy might just become your new best friend. In combination with a sleep mask and neck pillow, you will drift off to sleep in no time; especially if you’re planning a long trip. Do you often find yourself counting sheep even in your own cozy bed? This Remedy will help you achieve optimal sleep while avoiding the drowsy side effects associated with common sleeping aids. And it’s safe to use while you travel. You might also be interested in: Sleep Better With This Natural Sleep Aid Short but sweet! All of these must-have travel items suggested above are compact enough to fit right into your hand luggage. You can actually enjoy your travels this holiday season if you learn how to get the sleep you need in order to prevent jet lag. Give our tips on how to sleep on a plane a try! Be extra cool and get our Sleep Better Bundle to enjoy undisturbed sleep throughout your travel journey. And feel free to share your travel sleep tips with me. The more the merrier!


Block out all the light with our luxurious 100% Silk Sleep EyeMask.

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