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Night Swannies®
Blue Light Blocking Glasses

The most scientifically-validated blue light blocking glasses on the market.

Designed for heavy screen usage during daytime.

Day Swannies®
Computer Glasses

These blue light glasses offer you the perfect viewing environment. The blue light lenses prevent the worst part of the blue light spectrum while allowing the best part of it through.

Need custom prescription blue light blocking lenses? We're the best in the biz.

Prescription Swannies® with clear lenses or orange lenses starting at $197.

Swannies® Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses

If you don't need prescription glasses, but do need a little reading assistance, Swannies® Reading Glasses are perfectly created in your preferred magnification.

Swannies® Custom Prescription
Blue Light Glasses

Precision-made to your exact specifications, these prescription blue light blocking glasses feature Swannies® Prescription Lenses. We've got premium acetate or metal frames, and some with adjustable nose pads for your comfort.

Swannies® Fitovers
Blue Light Glasses

Blue light blocking glasses that fit over prescription glasses for those of us who wear prescription glasses.

Swannies® Blue Light Glasses for Kids

Blue light glasses for kids are an absolutely essential part of any parent's tool kid to combat poor sleep, red eyes, cranky wake-ups, and rotten bedtimes. Increased screen time especially during remote school work on digital screens is a real threat to the happiness and well being of your kids.

Improve Sleep Quality

Blue light can disrupt sleep patterns, making it difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep. Blue light glasses can make a huge difference, but they aren't the only solution you should consider. Check out our expansive range below.

The Best Blocking Bundles

Other Sleep Products

Accessories for Swannies®
Blue Light Glasses

Swannies® Sunnies: The Best Blue Light Blocking Sunglasses

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Better Nights Anti-Blue Light LED Bulb

Wanting your home to be blue free zone? Unfortunately, in this modern world that's a tall order. However, we're trying to make modern life as easy as possible with our new LED bulbs. Long-lasting, and are devoid of almost all blue light.

True blue blockers. Over 99%, in fact.

Here at Swanwick®, we are developing products that are carefully researched and backed by science. We regularly have our Day and Night Swannies® blue light blocking glasses independently tested by Colts Laboratories, the premiere transmission testing lab in America. We believe in transparency when it comes to the science behind our Swannies® Blue Light Blocking Glasses.

This is a graph adapted from the test results of our blue light blocking lenses transmission report submitted by Colts Laboratories as of February 2021.

Summary: Night Swannies® Blue Light Glasses block over 99% of blue light between 400-500nm, and around 80% of green light from 400-550nm. Day Swannies® Computer Glasses block 98% of blue light at 400nm, which is the HEV or High Energy Visible light, and between 21-45% at 450-500nm, allowing natural levels during the day.

What are blue light glasses and what are they used for?

Blue light has been shown to disrupt sleep patterns by inhibiting the body's natural ability to produce melatonin, the hormone that helps you fall asleep, stay asleep, and achieve deep, restorative sleep.

This is both natural and artificial blue light. Your body can't really tell the difference. Blue wavelengths affect us and they're meant to. The sun actually emits the most blue light of anything we know of.

During the day, we want to get enough blue light to keep us awake. In the afternoons blue light coming from the sun is diminished, our endocrine system begins to create melatonin in preparation for sleep.

Additionally, artificial blue light from digital devices like a computer screen or from watching TV exposes your eyes to unnatural and harmful blue light which can cause long term damage to your eyes in the following ways:

Digital Eye Strain

Digital Eye Strain may occur after focusing on one particular task for an extended period of time while looking at a screen of some type or other blue light emitter. One of the biggest causes of eye strain and eye fatigue is screen time from daily use of digital devices. Tired eyes, blurry vision, headaches, neck, shoulder and back pain are all symptoms.

Eye Damage

Laboratory studies have shown that too much blue light exposure can damage light-sensitive cells in the retina. This causes changes that resemble those of macular degeneration, which can lead to permanent vision loss. The Vision Council recommends routine trips to the eye doctor and to wear blue light glasses to prevent this damage.

Disrupted Sleep Patterns

Some degree of blue light exposure is considered necessary for good health. Studies have shown the benefits of blue light in relation to regulating circadian rhythm, boosting alertness and reducing seasonal affective disorder. However, exposure may suppress the body's natural production of melatonin in the evening, and result in poor sleep.

What is Blue Light?

Blue light is a part of the visible light spectrum operating between 400-500 nanometers (nm). Blue light is emitted from all artificial light sources including computers, watching TV, cell phones, tablets and light bulbs. Although referred to as blue light, it may not always appear visibly blue.

It has a very short wavelength, and so produces a higher amount of energy.

We're constantly surrounded by blue light every day, oftentimes without even knowing it. All artificial, electric powered lighting produces some level of blue light, even if you can't see it, or it doesn't look blue.

Televisions emit blue light. Screen time from watching TV, using an iPad or mobile phone, or a bright computer screen... even light bulbs in your home, especially newer, longer-lasting LED bulbs emit more blue light than incandescent bulbs of the past. (See our specially-designed Better Nights Bulbs and Night Lights for this problem.)

How much blue light do you need?

Beneficial blue light (455-500 nm) boosts alertness, helps memory and brain function, and improves your mood. It also assists in regulating our circadian rhythm - the sleep/wake cycle of our bodies.


Boost alertness*


Helps memory and cognitive function*


Elevates mood*


Important in regulating your circadian rhythm*

The sun is the largest source of blue light in our world. However, the sun appears and disappears. We don't need to control it. It controls itself. The problem is that digital devices and screen time at all hours of the day has led to blue light exposure at times when we shouldn't be getting it.

Blue blocking glasses like Night Swannies® laboratory developed, orange tinted glasses block blue light by over 99% - far more than glasses with a mere yellow tint, or yellow lenses ever can.

We help to ensure your circadian rhythm stays... rhythmic! This way, you can count on good sleep as a given, not an exception.

What can you do now to avoid too much blue light exposure?

With more people working from home than ever, and more children using digital devices to complete school work, the amount of worldwide screen time has skyrocketed.

Eye Strain, eye fatigue, headaches and more detract from your quality of life, and there are simple ways to combat this.


Minimize screen time.

Some amount of screen time is perfectly fine. Most of the world operates with all sorts of digital screens around them on a daily basis and there's simply no avoiding that. However, what you can do is try to minimize your exposure to them. By turning off your devices, not using them after certain times thanks for predetermined "digital curfews" you can expose yourself to less blue light through good habits.


Wear blue light glasses.

Not all glasses are created equal. Swanwick® wanted to make the best blue light filtering glasses on the market, and so far, no one has beaten us in terms of the quality we provide, the scientific validation we've got, and ease with which people can incorporate them into their lives. Wear glasses like Swannies®, and you're moving in the right direction.


Take regular breaks.

Even with blue light glasses, it's important to take regular breaks from digital screens. Remember the 20-20-20 Rule: For every 20 minutes that you spend looking at a screen, you should then look at something 20 feet away, for no less than 20 seconds. It's easy if you set a recurring timer once you're sitting down and working to remember.


Use Night Light settings on digital screens.

Most devices come with settings that allow a timed reduction in blue light that's emitted in the early mornings and evenings. They basically follow the rising and setting of the sun, so that when natural blue light emitted from the sun increases, so does that of your phone. Caveat: This is a software solution to a hardware problem, and while it may appear helpful and might decrease eye strain, should not be your only strategy. Read more on our article: Does iPhone's Night Shift Filter Blue Light?

Sleep well. Stay focused. Look great.

Swanwick Swannies® have been specifically developed to be both the best and best looking blue light blocker glasses in the game. Our Night Swannies® mean you can sleep better at night, ensuring the best wake-ups and work the following day. Our Day Swannies® ensure you're protecting your eyes from bad, artificial light emitted when you're at home and at work.

Why Swanwick®?

Swanwick® is the only brand of blue light blockers that have routinely sought third party validation. We've been studied by the University of Washington and the University of Indiana. We've been featured in a study by SleepScore Labs, and had research findings published in the Journal of Applied Psychology and Harvard Business Review.

There is no other brand on the market that has gone to the lengths we have to make the validation of our technology the backbone of our company. Talk is cheap in the blue light world. Why Swanwick®? Because our actions speak way louder than their words.

You take your mental and physical well being seriously, constantly optimizing yourself for better mental clarity, energy, and productivity so you can focus on making a difference in the world.
Regulating how blue light affects you physically and mentally is a key part of this practice, and we take it just as seriously.
That's why we've created a suite of solutions for limiting blue light exposure like blue light filtering glasses to suit any face shape, both day and night, prevent eye strain and reduce glare from digital screen use, as well as other tools for managing your sleep environment, so you can perform at your peak all day, every day.


What is the point of blue light blocking glasses?

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Blue light has been shown to inhibit the body's ability to produce melatonin, the hormone that helps us get to ssleep, stay asleep, and achieve quality sleep. When worn in the hours before bedtime, Night Swannies® filter out this blue light so your body can produce sleep-promoting melatonin naturally, allowing your body to properly prepare for sleep, find yourself asleep faster, and sleep better all night long.

When worn during prolonged use of electronic devices, Day Swannies® help prevent symptoms of digital eye strain such as sore eyes, headaches and fatigue.

Which are the best blue light blocking glasses for driving?

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If you’re driving during the day when it’s sunny outside, Swannies® Sunglasses are your best option. Beyond our blue light blocking technology, the lenses in our sunglasses are polarized to protect from glare and UVA/UVB UV light rays while preserving color and visual clarity.

While all Swannies® are 100% UV-rated and offer protection from UV light, Night Swannies® are primarily designed to be worn during the evening and while using digital devices, and do not offer as dark a tint as sunglasses, which are designed to reduce sun glare.

Our Henley Sunnies are the best option for driving during sunny conditions, as they have polarized tinted lenses that block glare as well as the harmful spectrums of blue light. You can also trust that the blue light blocked is sufficient for protection, but not so much as to affect your ability to drive. Polarization and protection from UV rays, added with blue light protection make Swanwick® Sunnies the ideal protective eyewear for driving.

What are the best blue light blocking glasses for office work?

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Day Swannies® are perfect for those who suffer from tired eyes, discomfort, headaches, dry, itchy or irritated eyes while working in the office. These symptoms are often a result of working for prolonged periods on computer screens, gaming, and in spaces with harsh artificial lighting.

If color fidelity is crucial for your office work, for example in design work or gaming, you may find Swannies® Day Glasses beneficial as a blue light blocking solution.

Do Swannies® Blue Light Blocking Glasses Really Work?

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Our Night Swannies® Glasses are designed specifically to support sleep by blocking blue light wavelengths emitted from all light-emitting electronic devices and artificial lighting. This includes cell phones, computer screens, TVs, tablets, led lighting, and even your kitchen fridge light. By Night Swannies® filtering out this blue light, your body can properly prepare for sleep, allowing you to get to sleep faster and sleep more deeply.

Night Swannies® Blue Light Blocking Glasses are FDA registered and have been extensively researched, designed, and manufactured specifically to block the full spectrum of harmful blue light by combining a specific colored tint with special AR coatings which work together to effectively filter blue light.

Beyond being FDA registered, the independent sleep research lab SleepScore conducted a study on Night Swannies® and the results were worthy of earning their SleepScore Validated stamp of approval. The SleepScore Labs study found Night Swannies® wearers experienced:

  • 34% Improved ability to sleep at night
  • 36% Improved overall sleep quality
  • 37% Improvement in feeling rested in the morning
  • 33% Increased sleepiness at bedtime

In addition, a study by University of Washington and Indiana University found that people who wore Night Swannies® in the hours before bed not only slept better and longer, they also recorded a 9% improvement in task performance and an 8.5% improvement in work engagement the following day.

Our Day Swannies® blue light blocking glasses are designed to increase productivity during your day by blocking harmful spectrums of blue light while letting beneficial spectrums through. By letting the right blue light through, your body clock is regulated to stay alert throughout the day. When worn during prolonged use of electronic devices, Day Swannies® help prevent symptoms of digital eye strain such as sore eyes, headaches, and fatigue.

The blue light filtering featured on our Night and Day Swannies® isn’t all that’s top-notch. All Swannies® are made with high-quality acetate, TR-90, or alloy frames featuring spring hinges and top of the line CR-39 lenses with UV rated anti-glare coating on both front and back. We are confident that you won't find better quality blue light blocking glasses on the market!

What should I look for in blue light glasses?

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When shopping for blue light blocking glasses, it’s essential to find the details about not just how much blue light they block but also what range of the light spectrum they block as it pertains to the time of day you’re wearing them.

During daytime hours, some ranges of the light spectrum are beneficial to our health, so it’s important that some blue light is still allowed through the lenses in daytime hours. However, in the hours before bed, you need to block the full spectrum, which is what our Night Swannies® are made for.

For example, Day Swannies® block between 45-98% of blue light between 400-450nm, which studies have shown is the most harmful part of the spectrum.

They allow some blue rays in the range of 450-500nm to get through, as exposure to this range during the day is important for giving your body the signals that it is daytime and that it should be awake.

You’ll find most clear-lens blue blockers on the market only block blue light up to 420nm. Day Swannies®, however, block 98% of blue light at 400 nanometers, graduating to 45% at 450nm. This is considered the most harmful part of the spectrum. Our daytime lenses are optimized to let just the right amount of beneficial light through while blocking the harmful spectrums.

Conversely, Night Swannies® block over 99% of blue light, which is crucial for helping your body slip into a natural sleep rhythm by promoting melatonin production.

Why should I wear blue light computer glasses?

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We recommend wearing Day Swannies® if you suffer from symptoms of digital eye strain such as tired eyes, discomfort, headaches, dry, itchy or irritated eyes. This may occur if you are working for prolonged periods on computer screens, gaming, or even under harsh artificial lighting during daytime hours.

You may also find Swannies® Day Glasses beneficial if you are looking for a blue light blocking solution that maintains color fidelity, for example design work or gaming.

Can I wear blue light glasses all day?

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With our increasingly digital lives, there’s almost non-stop exposure to harmful artificial blue light. Fortunately, Day Swannies® computer glasses can be worn all day, as they still allow plenty of the beneficial natural blue light rays to pass through while blocking the harmful spectrums of blue light.

Are there blue light blocking glasses for kids?

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Swannies® are suitable for people of all ages and highly recommended for children when using digital devices to protect their eyes.

In our Night Swannies®, the Kids Colors Collection is recommended for children under the age of 12. For older children, we have the Classic Kids and Classic Small or Regular sizes. In the Day Swannies®, we have our Kids Crystal Swannies® as well as Classic Small or Regular Day Swannies®.

Does insurance cover blue light glasses?

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Our Custom Prescription Swannies® product line is eligible for FSA and HSA spending, and we can accept most HSA and FSA payments directly. If you’re unsure of coverage, it’s best to check with your insurance provider to confirm before you make a claim. Note we cannot process insurance claims, they must be handled separately by you.