Sound Blocking Ear Plugs
Sound Blocking Ear Plugs

Swanwick Sleep

Sound Blocking Ear Plugs

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Having trouble getting a good night's sleep?

Do noises wake you up at night?

Are you tired of your neighbor's dog keeping you from sleeping?

Or maybe a partner's snoring?

For some people, even the slightest disturbance can ruin their peaceful rest.

The Effects of Sounds During Sleep

Sounds that seem commonplace during the day can wreak havoc on your sleep at night.  Even if you don't get woken completely, noises can affect your sleep cycles.

These noises at night-time are disruptive, and can cause you to have poor sleep.

A lack of sleep can have a destructive effect on your life, impacting memory, health and even your ability to lose weight!

The Simple Solution

Swanwick Sleep Earplugs are the best way to block sound directly.

These ear plugs mold to the shape of your ear making them ideal for sleeping.

Made from high-grade soft silicone, they are hypoallergenic, non-toxic and reusable.

Note: 3 pairs per box.


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