Swanwick Sleep Hypnotherapy for Sleep
Swanwick Sleep Hypnotherapy for Sleep

Swanwick Sleep

Swanwick Sleep Hypnotherapy for Sleep

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Imagine being able to put yourself to sleep instantly... any time you want! Even when feeling stressed out, mentally overwhelmed, or frustrated. Think of how much MORE ENERGY you’d wake up with after getting a full night of invigorating rest!

Once you’ve learned the power of these 2 “miraculous” words from our program, you’ll be able to put yourself in a tranquil sleep — whenever you like!


Sound far fetched? If so, it’s likely because you’re skeptical about how much hypnotherapy can help you. Most people are unaware hypnosis is a naturally occurring phenomenon we’re already experiencing multiple times a day. In fact, it’s so common, we tune out its effects. 

You already know how everyday activities put you in a trance-like state: driving your car, watching a movie, playing sports, dancing, or painting. Anytime you feel like you’re “in the zone”, you’re actually being hypnotized! 

Hypnosis wasn’t used in a controlled manner until the mid-1800s. At this time, 50% of all surgical patients were DYING from neurogenic shock of extreme pain. No one knew what to do — until a Scottish surgeon named James Esdaile conducted an experiment using hypnosis to calm the patients. 

After using hypnotherapy while performing 3,000 surgeries between 1845 and 1851 in India, he was able to reduce the death rate by whoping 90%! This meant instead of 50 out of every 100 patients dying from surgery, the number plummeted down to only 5! 

So why isn’t hypnosis that common today? Money. By the late 1800s, the U.S. was massively producing and distributing anesthesia to doctors around the world. As you can imagine, this was way more profitable for the medical industry. Until the recent natural health movement, anesthesia was the norm. The way hypnotherapy works is simple. First, allow yourself to enter a state of relaxation — similar to meditation. But instead of focusing on nothing, shift your attention toward a specific thought or intent. It could be anything you want — including going to sleep! Finally, follow the verbal directions from a trained hypnotherapist who will help you rewire your neural pathways to experience physiological changes.

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