Renovations to Improve Sleep in Your Bedroom At Night

Renovations to Improve Sleep in Your Bedroom At Night

Given that sleep makes up nearly a third of your life, why not make sure that you’re making the most of it? The hours you spend sleeping can make or break the hours you spend awake. The right amount and quality of sleep can help you be more productive in the daytime and improve your overall mood. That being said, it’s important to understand what good quality sleep is and all the ways that you can achieve better sleep each night.

If you’re someone who tosses and turns throughout the night and can’t seem to stay asleep, know that there are plenty of supportive accessories and habits you can pick up in order to lengthen and improve your sleep. In fact, your external environment can play a huge role in supporting or hindering your sleeping hours as well– more specifically, your bedroom.

Your Bedroom and a Better Night’s Sleep

Believe it or not, many of the sleep problems people have are due to the room they sleep in. From lighting to technology to clutter, there are many distractions a bedroom can have that interrupt some crucial external elements. These distractions can keep you from falling asleep, breathing well, keeping still, and staying asleep for long periods of time.

In order for a bedroom to be relaxing and conducive to sleep, The National Sleep Foundation claims that it should have the appropriate temperature, noise, and level of lighting. These experts also recognize the importance of an adequate mattress and bedding, and even the small details like pillowcases and aromas.

Do yourself a favor and take a long, hard look at your bedroom. Are there changes you could make? Any transformations, big or small, can make a major difference when it comes time to curl up in your bed at the end of the day. Carefully think about your own sleeping habits and the existing qualities of your bedroom itself. Then, lay out all the qualities of your dream bedroom that would make it your favorite place to settle down, and get started planning on ways to renovate.

Bedroom Renovations for Better Sleep Quality

If you haven’t taken the time to reassess your bedroom, the new year approaching is the perfect excuse to redesign and renovate your sleep sanctuary. Here, we will dive into some of the bedroom renovations and projects you can execute to get the most relaxing, sleep-friendly oasis in your own home.

New mattress

A new mattress can definitely be the missing piece of the puzzle for those struggling with sleep. After all, you can have the most relaxing bedroom in the world, and if your mattress isn’t right for you, then you’ll never reach your sleep potential. When shopping for mattresses, start with size. Do you need a bigger mattress? Will a bigger mattress fit in your bedroom? Or will it seem cluttered by a California King?

Then, think about your typical sleep position, some of the best mattresses on the market, reputable manufacturers, and especially your budget. Mattresses can err toward the expensive side, and while the most expensive bed isn’t the end all be all, more expensive options often correlate with exceptional quality. Test out your options and ensure that the one you do purchase has a warranty, as the one that you choose will determine how much space is left in your room, and which renovations are ultimately possible.

Expand square footage

Expanding square footage in your bedroom can be a worthwhile investment. Whether you’re putting an addition onto your existing bedroom or relocating to a larger room, additional space can be just the thing you need to achieve better sleep. More space can mean more lighting, more storage, less clutter, and more room to participate in stress-relieving activities or exercise. For example, space to put your green thumb into action or room for yoga and meditation before bed can help you fall asleep faster.

Smaller living spaces are often linked to increased feelings of stress and anxiety, especially for couples. Partners feeling these tensions from smaller living spaces might experience strains on their relationship, which makes the potential of personal space and privacy vital to any bedroom. Not only that, but adding square footage can expand your horizons when it comes to possible renovations. In other words, you can do bigger things with your furniture and bedroom design.

More storage

More space means more room for storage, and more storage means more opportunity to declutter. Similar to smaller living spaces, scientists have linked clutter to feelings of stress and anxiety, along with the inability to focus. Clutter equals distraction, which can interrupt or delay your sleep schedule. Some experts link decluttering and cleaning to feeling accomplished, as well as deem it a source of physical activity, which can make you feel more tired at the end of the day. Storage solutions can also help you unplug and put distracting technology out of sight and out of mind.

Before your renovation, redesign your bedroom with furniture that allows for ample storage. Consider dressers with plenty of deep drawers, bookshelves, and cabinets where you can organize your items so they’re easier to find. Aside from the obvious furniture items, don’t forget to utilize the space under your bed. Also, think vertically. When there is no space left, think of storing items higher up. You can do so by implementing open shelving and over-the-door organizers.


Shockingly enough, the simple color of the paint on your bedroom walls can have an impact on your quality of sleep. Bright colors and glossy finishes can stimulate your brain, keeping your mind and body from resting, even if it’s exhausted. Muted, paler shades, on the other hand, can evoke relaxation. Be intentional about the color you choose for your bedroom since it can make or break your sleep.

Light blue is perhaps the most calming color for a bedroom because it is associated with peace and tranquility. Your mind can also benefit from shades of green since this color goes hand in hand with nature, which is relaxing to some individuals. It’s also helpful to know that lighter yellow walls are convenient when you wake up in the morning because of its connection to happiness. Earth tones and silver also have the same effect in some cases. Just remember to avoid vibrant, glossy, or neon colors when the ultimate goal is to create a tranquil sleep oasis.

Ceiling fan

You may be surprised to learn that a ceiling fan can have numerous advantages in regards to sleep. Not only is the white noise that a ceiling fan provides helpful for some sleepers, but it can regulate temperature as well. The right temperature and the right level of noise will drown out any distractions and help you stay asleep. They’re also a strong focal point to any bedroom design, and can double as a light source that can last years to come.

When choosing a ceiling fan, consider the size of the fan and the style of your newly renovated bedroom. Many ceiling fans on the market now are energy-efficient and vary in style. If a ceiling fan is out of the cards due to a low ceiling or a low budget, consider using a portable fan in your room. They can still keep your room well-ventilated and even remove any strange smells that ruin your sanctuary. However, know that if pointed directly at you and set on a high speed, fans can kick up dust and trigger allergies, making ceiling fans a wiser option.

Benefits of Your Bedroom Renovation

Bedroom renovations can be intimidating based on the amount of work or amount of money involved, but don’t let the hard work scare you off. In many cases, the pros outweigh the cons. Still hesitant about taking on a home reno? Here are some advantages to a bedroom renovation:

  • Customization/personalization: Renovations and projects of any level of complexity allow you to make a space perfect for your specific needs, especially for those with health conditions or physical disabilities.
  • Return on investment: Though you do spend a significant amount of money on major renovations, certain projects will add value to your home, making it worth more money, helping you resell it for a higher amount years later. An online home value estimator is a helpful tool in calculating your home’s worth pre- and post-renovation.
  • Sleep-supportive accessories: A newly renovated bedroom can be designed with accessories and devices in mind to better your chances at good quality sleep. Products like sleep masks, blackout curtains, white noise machines, diffusers, and anti-blue light bulbs can provide additional sleep support.
  • Comfortability: A new bedroom can add comfort in more ways than one. Aside from more comfortable furniture, you can incorporate other luxurious components to make your space exceptionally comfortable. A reading nook, a swinging chair, or a faux fireplace are great additions to contribute to coziness.


Your health, your habits, and your bedroom are all critical to a good night’s sleep. When you focus on your habits and understand what truly makes you sleep well, you can make changes to your external environment so you can sleep soundly throughout the night. Consider some of these renovations when creating your own personal haven for the best sleep possible.




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