The Ultimate Black Friday Gift Guide for ALL your loved ones

The Ultimate Black Friday Gift Guide for ALL your loved ones

Scurrying gift ideas for your loved ones? I’m here to help you end the madness!

Black Friday is right around the corner. You know what that means, right? The holiday shopping madness is about to drop. As we begin to struggle with holiday shopping lists, gift ideas and finding the best deals out there, let’s take some time to catch our breath.

Have you ever wondered how did this Black Friday shopping excitement start?

The Black Friday concept first began in the late 19th Century, when the day after Thanksgiving was the unofficial beginning of the Christmas season. As documented, “shoppers did half of their holiday shopping on Black Friday.” The same rings true today.

The earlier you can get all the presents bought and wrapped up, the better, right? I’m glad we’re on the same page here because I am going to share with you a practical Black Friday gift guide to inspire you just in time for the biggest holiday shopping buzz.

Now, let’s get our shopping lists ready and start planning the gifts for your loved ones.

For Your Sleep Deprived Mom

Gift idea #1: Swanwick Sleep Aromatherapy Diffuser

Give your tired Mom the gift of quality sleep she so desperately needs. The therapeutic properties of essential oils have been proven to ensure a deep sleep, detoxify and calm both the body and mind. What’s this mean? Chillllllll. Mom can chilllllll. Doesn’t mom deserve to chilllllll? Say it with me in your head because I know it’s fun: Chillllllllllll.

Bonus tip: Essential oil diffusing will not only help Mom relax and enjoy some well-deserved “me-time” but can also double as a healthy alternative to store-bought air freshener!

Gift idea #2: Chilipad Cube Mattress

Chances are your Mom is heading towards the big M, or maybe she’s been struggling with the symptoms for a while. Either way, her quality of sleep can be hindered by those persistent night sweats.

The Chillipad Cube mattress will be the perfect gift for her! It regulates the surface temperature of the mattress by actively circulating water through a network of micro-tubes. With Chillipad’s cooling capabilities, Mom will doze off easier and faster to get the all the rest she needs.

For Your Dusty Dad

Gift idea #1: A Retro Pair of Swannies: The Henley Collection

How about a cool pair of Henleys for your dad this holiday season? A retro style pair of blue light blocking glasses that will take Dad down the memory lane and image himself in one of Don Henley's classic songs, The Boys of Summer.

I bet he’ll forget all about the December blues while rocking these glasses. Get ready, because from now on he’ll probably brag about his sleep improvements at every family gathering. In fact, do him a favor and throw him this Dad Joke about Sleep ready-made: “Chuck Norris sleeps with the light on, not because he is afraid of the darkness, but because the darkness is afraid of him.”

Gift idea #2: Diamond Swannies: The Coolest Blue Light Blocking Glasses

OR you can go for a modern style instead, with a fashionable pair of Diamond Swannies for your Dad! The results will be the same - full blue light protection and a significant improvement in sleep quality. Plus, he can use the same Dad Joke.

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For Your Gadget Brother

Gift idea #1: Swannies Aviators

Okay, here’s why Swannies Aviators are the perfect gift idea for your gearhead brother that’s glued to his digital devices:

  • He’ll feel so hip, all he will want to do is take photos (and selfies) the entire day. Win points for you because you won’t be in charge of family photos anymore!
  • His eyes will be safe from blue light exposure and digital eye strain. Yep, no more sore eyes, headaches, fatigue, and blurred vision.

As a bonus: Imagine your brother’s expression when he opens his gift and finds his very own Swannies Aviators! Shock? Excitement? Surprise? Well, you’d better get them and find out!

For Your Stylish Sister

Gift idea #1: Pure Silk Sleeping Mask

Chances are your sister loves her routine beauty sleep, right? Well, she’ll love you even more if you gift her this luxurious oversized eye mask.

Why? Because it’s the perfect gift for a nap-lover: it’s made of 100% pure silk, it’s soft and it’s oversized, so you can bet it this be the most comfortable eye mask she has ever tried. As a matter of fact, it was recently voted the BEST high-end sleep mask on the market.

Bonus tip: Get the mask in Royal Blue and you’re guaranteed she’ll feel like a princess and every time she’ll get a deep, refreshing night’s slumber.

Gift idea #2: Swannies Classic - The Choice of Hollywood’s Elite

Experts warn that poor sleep can lead to a number of health issues such as obesity, which is linked to increased appetite and reduced levels of physical activity. Increased exposure to blue light has also been linked to different types of cancer, diabetes, heart disease and an increased risk of depression.

Protect your sister’s style and eye health with a pair of Classic Swannies in Tortoise Shell. Not only they’re super-stylish, but they will be your sisters’ favorite pair of glasses once she realizes she can use her devices without the sore eye feeling after. She can say goodbye to eye fatigue for good!

For Your Nocturnal Partner

Gift idea #1: Doc Parsley’s Sleep Remedy

Is your partner a night owl to the point that you don't feel like you have a partner anymore? Is spouse's late-night work schedule disturbing their sleep?

I have the perfect gift idea for your nocturnal partner that will not only help them get their normal sleep routine back but will also help you get your partner back. Win-win!

Get them Doc Parsley's Sleep Remedy, a complex sleep supplement that aims to lay the foundation for the best sleep possible.

When you sleep better, your whole life gets better, right? Give your partner his sleep back this holiday season!

Gift idea #2: Hypnotherapy for Sleep

What if you could get your partner the gift of instant sleep?

Now you can, with Swanwick Sleep Hypnotherapy for Sleep, a natural cure for your partner's sleep problems. It works wonders!

Are you skeptical about the whole concept of hypnosis? You’re not the only one, most people are unaware hypnosis is a natural phenomenon they already experience multiple times a day. In fact, it’s so common, we tune out its effects.

Anytime you feel like you’re “in the zone”, you’re actually being hypnotized! Everyday activities such as: driving your car, watching a movie, playing sports, dancing, or painting, can put you in that trance-like state.

Why not use hypnosis as a useful remedy for your partner’s insomnia? It’s time to say goodbye to sleepless nights for good.

For Your Bespectacled Friend

Gift idea #1: Custom Prescription Swannies

Optometrists predict an epidemic of premature vision loss from prolonged exposure to digital devices. With these custom Swannies, your friend can savor the benefits of no digital eye strain or computer vision syndrome on top of also having a clear vision. Yep, you can get it all in one pair with Prescription Swannies.

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For Your Krazy Kiddos

Gift idea #1: Kids Swannies - The Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses For Kids

How much screen time does your child enjoy on a daily basis?

If you often feel like your kid is glued to their electronic devices, then I have the perfect gift idea for this holiday season - blue light glasses for kids.

No matter the amount of screen time your kid is spending online their eyes are exposed to a dangerous amount of high-energy blue light, especially if they don’t have any eye protection.

Why is blue light exposure so dangerous for your kid’s eyes?

Because a child’s eyes are still developing, therefore studies suggest that exposure to blue light can cause serious long-term damage to their eyes. Make sure this holiday season you get your child the protection they need.

Have I mentioned they come in NEON colors? Yep, this is not only a healthy but also a cool gift idea. There’s no way they’ll blend in with this pair of Swannies, stand out they will surely!

I hope you have your gift shopping list ready now that you’ve read this ultimate Black Friday Gift Guide. It’s time to rock the lives of the most special people in your life with these perfect gifts that not only look cool but can also improve their lives. Who wouldn’t want all those things from a simple gift?


Fret not! They can decide for themselves with a Swanwick Gift Card. The perfect gift of sleep!



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Celesté is a writer, creative photographer, bookworm, pianist, minimalist, environmentalist at heart, professional napper, and Earth wanderer from South Africa, operating in the wellness industry. She is obsessed with books, plants, the moon, and the misunderstood wild Baboon Spiders (a.k.a Tarantulas) of the arachnid world. Her curious nature has her on an unstoppable journey to work with like-minded humans, but also to help people overcome their health and mental struggles.

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