Digital Eye Strain Explained

Digital Eye Strain Explained

What does it mean to be a part of the digital revolution? It means we're part of a revolution in which we can come up with new ideas through wavelengths that will redefine the modern age. A revolution that will help us capture data, present it to a broader audience, allows communication anywhere at any time and to any place. One of the most significant disadvantages is the digital eye strain.

Digital eye strain explained

Digital eye strain (DES) may be a scientific term, but you don’t have to be a scientist to understand it. In fact, if you use a computer on a regular basis, you’re probably all too familiar with it already. DES refers to the eye discomfort individuals feel after they've been exposed to the blue light from electronic devices for a period of two (or more) hours. Did you know? Over 83% of Americans use the computer for at least two hours daily; it’s no wonder digital eye strain is so prevalent. "Even two hours of blue light exposure can cause digital eye strain symptoms." 60% of Americans say they've experienced eye strain symptoms as a result of digital blue light exposure. Out of those:

  • 33% reported eye strain
  • 23% recount dry eyes
  • 22% suffered from headaches
  • 21% reported blurry vision
  • 31% struggled with neck and shoulder pain

Unfortunately, as those numbers increase, so does our use of digital technology. Each day an increasing number of people find more and more uses for digital technology. And with each technological advances made that number is more than likely to go up. Think about it, your day starts with an alarm clock on your phone, it’s where your electronic blue light exposure begins. It only spirals from there.


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What can we do about it?

The chances of us putting our devices down any time soon are slim to none. Why should we? It’s “the way the world works” right now. Restricting ourselves from our devices puts many at a disadvantage. Is there a way to stay connected and comfortable at the same time? Yes! The good news is we can do something to prevent and relieve our digital eye strain. Eyewear with digital eye strain reducing capabilities have been on the market for years. But 71% of us have never discussed these symptoms with our doctors, and 72% were unaware that eyewear could even be used to protect eyes from exposure to blue light.

"Eyewear with eye strain reducing capabilities have been on the market for years, but 71% of us have never discussed digital eye strain symptoms with our doctors." At Swanwick, we don’t want our customers to be part of a statistic. We’re known for our sleep savers called Swannies Blue Light Blocking Glasses.

Is there a solution for digital blue light exposure during the day?


The solution is Swanwick Day Glasses. They cut out 30% of the digital blue light from computers to take the pressure off your eyes without affecting the way you see the world. Usually, to cut out more than 30% of blue light exposure, you need to change the color of the lens dramatically. For most of us working in front of computers, the ability to see in "true color" is non-negotiable. Our Swannies Daytime Glasses are the answer for you.

With just a slight yellow tint and as much blue light blocking properties that we can force into a pair of glasses, you’re getting the best of both worlds. At Swanwick Sleep, we're dedicated to reducing the harmful effects of blue light exposure for years. And we did it! According to our SleepScore Labs product validation test, 73% of participants claimed to have felt the calming effect of Swannies on their eyes:

  • One participant said when he was wearing his Swannies, his eyes “felt very relaxed at the end of a hard day. They’re very soothing.”
  • Another said,”I felt like using a screen for my eyes, especially when watching TV. Only then I realized how much stress my eyes have endured up until then.”
  • And still, another said, “(Swannies) reduced my eye and brain strain.”

What our Swannies-wearers most loved about our blue light blockers was their cool style and the comfort they provided for their eyes.


Be the next person who gets rid of their digital eye strain once and for all

With Swannies Daytime glasses you can. Start making your role in the digital revolution a comfortable and stylish. Now's the time to put an end to the digital eye strain in your life. Go ahead and grab yourself a pair!

Also, check out this helpful blog about eye strain relief.




Sam Mehan

Fashion Designer and Entrepreneur

Sam is a fashion designer and entrepreneur living in the ever exciting country of Australia. Sam has a passion for educating others on the dangers of blue light as she herself knows the struggle with eye fatigue from long days of graphic design, followed by relaxing nights of gaming.

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