Discover How Efficient Swannies Are in Blocking Blue Light

Discover How Efficient Swannies Are in Blocking Blue Light

Have you ever wondered if Swannies are the real deal when it comes to protecting your eyes from blue light and improving your sleep? The good news is, you're about to find out. We made a product validation study to test how amazing Swannies are at blocking blue light and help you sleep better. So, let's find out!

Why did Swannies need a product validation study?

A product validation study is a simple way of testing a product to make sure it meets the specifications and requirements to fulfill its intended purpose. The purpose of Swannies blue light blocking glasses is to block the dangerous sleep-disrupting blue light coming from electronic devices, so users get a better night’s sleep. Yes, we know they work. Our happy customers also know they work... but now we have the numbers to prove it. What are the effects of Swannies blue light blocking glasses on sleep? Below are the details and results of our product validation study.

Our study’s objective...

... was to see whether or not Swannies blue blocking glasses could improve people's sleep. We were looking to test our hypothesis on people who already had difficulty falling asleep or who had reported insufficient deep sleep. Here’s how: We invited a group of people had been using sleep tracking devices to join our study. All of them had reportedsleep delays of at least 30 minutes on 8 or more nights in the four-week-period before the survey. Our goal was to see what Swannies could do to lower those numbers. Before deciding on our final study participants, we first made sure they had no preexisting conditions that could jeopardize the integrity of our investigation. In the end, we had a total of thirty people who fit the bill. Out of them:
  • 63% described themselves as “evening people”
  • 30% claimed to be “morning people”
  • 7% described themselves as neither
  • 83% reported using a tablet or a computer every night
  • while the rest said they were using electronic devices 2 to 6 nights a week
  • two-thirds had never used screen dimming software
  • 17% had used it at some point, 17% used it often

When asked about their main sleep concerns, our participants reported the following:

  • 27% were taking too long to fall asleep at night
  • 20% were waking up too often at night
  • 17% percent said they did not feel well rested in the mornings
Other concerns included not feeling rested throughout the day, waking up without being able to fall back asleepdifficulty waking up in the morning, and falling asleep We instructed our subjects to wear Swannies blue light blocking glasses for at least 90 minutes before bed, for a four week period with their sleep tracking devices on. You might also be interested in: The Blue Light Nightmare: It Doesn’t End When You Wake Up

The Results: Swannies Blue Blocking Glasses are a success!

Using all the data collected from the sleep tracking devices and additional questionnaires, here’s what we discovered:
  • A 36% increase in quality of overall sleep
  • A 33% increase in feeling sleepy before bedtime
  • A 34% improved perception of how well they slept throughout the night without waking up
  • A 37% increase in how well rested they felt in the morning
  • All in all the average ratings went from under 50 percent (pretest period) to over 50 percent (post-test period)
As for the objective data, the findings were positive as well Results showed a significant improvement in deep sleep. The total body score increased from 72 to 74, counting for a 3% increase. The total time of deep sleep went from 59 minutes to 63 minutes. All of this data adds up to some pretty happy families. At Swanwick Sleep, we may have style, but we don’t sacrifice quality for it. We want our Swannies to look good, but most of all we want them to work, we want our customers to be able to trust that Swannies will protect their eyes from the harmful blue light.

Find out more about our validation study results in this video:

The bottom line is this - Swannies blue light blocking glasses have improved the lives of hundreds of people. They work! The numbers prove it. If you don’t have a pair of Swannies yet, get them here, and trust that they will do exactly what they say they will - efficiently block the blue light and give you the best sleep of your life.

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Block out all the blue light that is messing with your sleep cycle and get more sleep and better days.



Sam Mehan

Fashion Designer and Entrepreneur

Sam is a fashion designer and entrepreneur living in the ever exciting country of Australia. Sam has a passion for educating others on the dangers of blue light as she herself knows the struggle with eye fatigue from long days of graphic design, followed by relaxing nights of gaming.

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