3 Easy Tips Guaranteed To Help You Sleep Better

3 Easy Tips Guaranteed To Help You Sleep Better

Having healthy sleep habits is often referred to as practicing good sleep hygiene. If you try keeping the following bedtime routine tips, you will increase your chances of sleeping better. Not only will you sleep better, but consistent healthy sleep habits can also drastically transform your quality of life.

Without further ado, let’s get started:

1. Chill out

Your bedroom temperature should ideally be set around 59.9 and 66.92 degrees Fahrenheit (15.5 - 19.4 degrees Celcius) to help you cool down enough and get to sleep on those hot summer nights or any night.

There are a number of easy ways to help keep you cool during the night. Here are a few to get you started:

Taking a warm bath might sound counterproductive, but studies prove otherwise. Read this article to discover more about these cooling tips.  

2. The key to quality sleep

In a perfect world, the best option would be to switch everything off three hours before bedtime. Sometimes this isn’t really practical for people that have to get tasks done that require lights or digital devices in the evenings. All you have to do is wear your Night Swannies to block the blue light emitted from your bedroom lights and digital devices.  

3. Reinforce your life

This is often an overlooked bedtime routine tip that can cause you to experience restless sleep. It’s important to invest in a quality mattress and pillow to provide the support needed for quality sleep. If your goal is to align your neck, shoulders, and spine, head over to this article to find the perfect pillow for you. Be sure to check out and download the infographic below as a reminder to practice good sleep hygiene.

3 Easy Tips Guaranteed To Help You Sleep Better infographics

I have great news for you, my friend. We have extended our support to help you manage your habits effectively. Our FREE Digital Detox Service is a 21-day habit creator that will remind you to wear your Swannies. If you don’t have a pair, it will remind you to stop using your gadgets and dim the light three hours before your bedtime.

We know it’s impossible to remember everything and that time can often pass in a blink of an eye. We’ll send you a friendly reminder before your bedtime to ensure you get quality sleep. Get started here.

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