Kyle Lasota Interviews James Swanwick on How To Optimize Your Sleep with Blue Light Glasses

Kyle Lasota Interviews James Swanwick on How To Optimize Your Sleep with Blue Light Glasses

Do you have trouble falling asleep or having restless sleep? This interview video was made for you! Kyle Lasota, Biohacker and Video Marketer interviews James Swanwick, Australian-American investor, entrepreneur, speaker, health coach and former SportsCenter anchor on ESPN. Kyle talks about how he befriended James, and explains the instrumental role he played in Kyle’s life. Five years ago, James and Kyle had a conversation about his partying lifestyle and showed him what his bad habit of drinking alcohol had cost him. Not only did James encourage Kyle to quit drinking alcohol but he also helped transform Kyle’s sleep. James, alongside his brother and co-founder Tristan Swanwick, developed an incredible company whose product Kyle uses every single night -- Swanwick blue light blocking glasses. James shares the origin story of Swanwick Sleep, the importance of sleep and how people can incorporate blue light glasses into their lives. Kyle admits he doesn’t go anywhere without his blue blockers and slaps them on as soon as the sun goes down. Watch the interview below to find out how being mindful of your sleep habits can fix your circadian rhythm, optimize your sleep, and increase your productivity.

Key topics and timestamps:

  • 1:49 - James and Kyle met through a friend, Mark Dhamma
  • 2:16 - Mark wanted Kyle to ease up on the partying and drinking so he could reach his health and business goals
  • 2:25 - James showed Kyle what the cost of his bad habits was
  • 3:40 - Kyle uses Swannies Glasses every single night and tracks his sleep with Oura Ring
  • 4:38 - The origin story of Swanwick Sleep
  • 11:10 - James shares what he discovered about sleep that he didn’t know before he started the company
  • 13:36 - The effect poor sleep has on our life
  • 15:00 - Kyle talks about how and why he staged a casual intervention to help his friend improve his sleep, health and ultimately his lifestyle
  • 18.34 - The impact of adequate sleep and quitting alcohol has had on James’ life
  • 21:58 - The difference between Day & Night Swannies
  • 26:00 - James shares the habits that help increase mental and physical performance
  • 31:44 - James’ 30 Day Alcohol Challenge and Project 90 
  • 32:53 - How quitting alcohol has helped Kyle transform his business
  • 34:17 - What James discovered on his travels to conferences/events and how his motivation changed as an entrepreneur
  • 38:05 - Kyle concludes what happens when we have a purpose in life
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