Are You Sleeping Away Your Peak Performance?

Many athletes unknowingly battle an unseen enemy - inadequate sleep. This silent detractor hampers recovery, impairs cognitive function, and reduces your overall performance. The primary culprit? Uncontrolled exposure to harmful blue light emitted by our digital devices. Recognizing the critical importance of restful sleep is your first step towards attaining peak performance.






Significance of a restful sleep for optimal performance :
6% long sleep.
Improved the quality of their sleep by 11%.
Improved their task perfomanace by 9%.
Improved their work engagement by 8.25%.
Improved their helping behavior by 18%.
Decreased their negative work behavior by 18%.

Peak Performance Sleep Bundle

Our carefully curated sleep bundle is your ultimate sleep-enhancing arsenal. Equipped with Day Swannies, Night Swannies, a Sleep Mask, and Ear Plugs, it's time to take control of your sleep and power up your performance.

Unveiling the Game Changers:

Day Swannies: They shield your eyes from blue light during the day, keeping you alert and reducing eye strain.

Night Swannies: These glasses filter out evening blue light, enhancing melatonin production and unlocking deep, restful sleep.

Sleep Mask: Say goodbye to intrusive light sources. Our sleep mask creates a soothing, dark environment for an improved sleep quality.

Ear Plugs: Our high-quality ear plugs shield you from noise disturbances, allowing for uninterrupted sleep.

Synergistic Effect Of Using The Products Together

  • Harness the Power of Synergy: Our Complete Sleep Bundle for Optimal Performance.
  • Unlock Your Full Potential: Transform Your Performance with Our Complete Sleep Bundle.
  • Enhance Recovery, Amplify Performance: Our Synergistic Bundle Maximizes Sleep Quality.
Bundle Individual
  • Stretchable
  • One size fits all
  • Comfortable and soft
  • Costs $$$
  • Color Options

watch it in action

Experience the cumulative effect of integrating all these components into your sleep routine. Our sleep bundle offers a holistic approach to sleep optimization at a cost that's friendlier than buying each product separately.


“The science is clear that blue light from digital devices and modern lighting can cause real problems with sleep. Given how much time young athletes spend on their phones these days it can cause a real problem with their rest and recovery. So giving our players blue light blocking glasses is one way we can try to mitigate that issue and we appreciated that the ones by Swanwick have quality independent data to show they do what they're supposed to.”

Lonnie Soloff, PT, DPT, ATC
Senior Vice President, Medical Services Cleveland Guardians Baseball
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“The Knicks and Rangers management and players see me wearing Swannies blue light blocking glasses then follow my lead.”

Erwin Valencia
TeamPhysical Therapist & Wellness Lead New York Knicks,New York Rangers

“Everyone who has tried (Swannies Blue Light Blocking Glasses) find value in them.”

Scott Sehnert
Director of Sports Performance Dallas Cowboys

“Blue light exposure for professional athletes is a big issue so we’ve introduced Swannies to bunch of different teams. In terms of sleep improvement strategies, I’m not sure that there’s anything easier and more effective than just putting on some glasss.”

W. Christopher Winter
MD,D-ABSM, D-ABIM[sleep],D-ABPN [neurology],F-AASM SF GIants, Boston Red Sox, LA Dodgers, OKC THunder

“I refer athletes to Swannies who are looking to minimize blue light exposure in the evenings as a part of their approach to optimize their sleep at night and ultimately performance on the field. Optimal sleep is an underutilized competitive advantage in sports and starts with making sleep-smart choices in the daytime”

Cheri Mah
MD, MS Sleep Physician,Sleep And Performance Advisor Sleep Consultant to NBA,NFL,NHL,MLB, Formula 1, US Military Nike Addvisory Council
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Sleep Better Bundle

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1. Do you have clip ons for glasses?

While we do not offer clip ons, we do offer Fitover Swannies, which are designed to be worn over glasses, as well as can be worn on their own. We have found this to be the preferred option as clip ons can weigh down or damage your own glasses and make them feel uncomfortable.

To keep your Swannies lenses optimally clean and functional we recommend cleaning your Swannies with a lens cloth (such as the one provided) and warm water or lens cleaning spray, such as the one we sell, as part of our Swannies Clean and Repair Kit.


Do not use anything with ammonia, bleach, vinegar, or window cleaner because those chemicals can strip away the special coatings on the lenses.

Here at Swanwick, we regularly have our Day and Night Swannies lens transmission independently lab tested by Colts Laboratories. We believe in transparency when it comes to the science behind our Swannies Blue Light Blocking Glasses. That is why, when choosing where to purchase blue light blocking glasses, we recommend you check whether transmission reports from an independent testing facility are available. You can access our full reports below:

Night Swannies Transmission Report

Day Swannies Transmission Report

We have also created a video that explains how to read our transmission reports: How to Read Swanwick's Blue Light Transmission Report


Night Swannies block over 99% of blue light between 400-500nm, and around 80% of green light from 400-550nm. 

Day Swannies block 98% of blue light at 400 nanometers, graduating to 45% at 450nm (the most harmful part of the spectrum). Day Swannies also block between 21-45% of blue light between 450-500 nanometers.

For more information on the differences between Day and Night Swannies, click here.

For more information about the science behind Swannies, please visit

While a number of our Swannies are available in different sizes, sometimes you just need a small adjustment to make them fit perfectly. The great thing about Swannies is that this is easily achievable at home, or with the help of a professional.

If possible, we recommend that all customers take them to an optician or eyewear professional to be fitted immediately upon receiving them and as needed throughout their lifetime. We’ve found that most large eyewear stores in the US, including the likes of Walmart, Target, Sears, JC Penny, and Dillards will do this for free.

However, it is also very possible and easy to do a lot of adjustments by yourself at home, using only a hairdryer. Please check the video at for several ways to make your glasses tighter, looser, or stop them slipping down your nose. Skip to 2:48 to begin the section on making size adjustments. 

Upon putting on Swannies, users have reported an immediate reduction in eye strain, headaches, sore eyes and other symptoms of digital eye strain. 


For Night Swannies, it can as little as day and up to several weeks of cumulative use to notice improvements to sleep, depending on the person. It is important to wear the glasses at least 1 hour before bedtime continuously and not take them off until all lights have been turned off. Some people find that wearing them for longer periods of time, such as from sundown onwards gives them the best results, so we recommend you experiment with what works for you. 

For people who already wear glasses, we have several options:

1. Our Fitover Swannies are designed specifically to be worn over another pair of glasses, as well as on their own. Some people also find wearing our other styles over their glasses works.

2. We also offer Custom Prescription Swannies which allow you to have your prescription made in our special Swannies lens. We have worked with a lens lab to develop prescription lenses which block the same amount of blue light as our normal Swannies range. This is superior to options offered by your regular eye doctor which block far less blue light.

3. If you use over-the-counter magnified readers, we also have Reading Swannies available in +1.00 to+2.50 magnifications.

Benefits Of The Sleep Bundle

Exposure to blue light emitted by devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers, and televisions, as well as modern interior lighting, can affect sleep by suppressing the production of melatonin, the hormone that regulates the sleep-wake cycle.

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Improved overall sleep quality
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Improved ability to sleep at night
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Improvement in feeling rested in the morning