'LOVE IT! This mask made a huge difference for me. Soft and gentle.'

- Kelsey H.

100% Pure Silk Sleep Mask Verified Buyer

  • 100% Silk Sleeping Mask
  • 100% Silk Sleeping Mask
  • 100% Silk Sleeping Mask
  • 100% Silk Sleeping Mask
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100% Silk Sleeping Mask

'LOVE IT! This mask made a huge difference for me. Soft and gentle.'

- Kelsey H.

100% Pure Silk Sleep Mask Verified Buyer


100% Silk Sleeping Mask has a rating of 4.6 stars based on 79 reviews.
Establishing a routine for sleep is crucial for maximizing sleep quality, and one of the most critical factors for getting to sleep fast is blocking all light from reaching your eyes. Also, preventing light from disturbing you while you sleep is essential for achieving the highest quality of rest.
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The Science Behind Sleeping in Darkness

Do you really need a sleep mask? If you’ve been experiencing restless nights and fatigue ridden days, the simple answer is yes. Instead of relying on drugs or alcohol that make the problem worse, the ultimate, long term solution is simple — eliminate artificial lighting.

Turning off your lights before bedtime isn’t enough. Because we’re bombarded with artificial light exposure throughout the day from our electronic devices, our eyes are extremely sensitive to light at night (LAN). This causes even the slightest light source to lower our melatonin and spike cortisol production, making falling asleep difficult and waking up during night common.

Artificial light penetrates your eyes, even when you close them tightly. And the consequences aren’t pretty. Research from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveals that insufficient sleep can lead to wrinkles, weight gain, and even cancer.

What's the solution? Removing ALL sources of light during your sleep! This is possible with a sleep mask, but as you may know, not just any sleep mask will do. Before you rush off to buy the cheapest eye mask you can find, let us explain why the Swanwick® Sleep Mask made with 100% silk is worth every penny, and the best sleep mask on the market.

The Wondrous Benefits
of Ancient Silk


Protects Your Skin from Aging

Because silk slides softly across a surface, it won't pull or tug at your skin. This means less lines and marks across your face during rest.


Retains Moisture on Your Skin

Unlike cotton or linen, silk is a non-absorbent fabric that won't deplete your moisture levels or absorb night serums and creams.


Keeps Your Hair Nourished and Shiny

Silk's naturally smooth surface prevents your hair from tangling, knotting, and breaking. It also stimulates hydration, yet lowers the chance of waking up with greasy hair due to its ability to reduce oil production.


Naturally Regulates Temperature

Silk does not conduct heat (or static electricity) like other fibers. Instead, it locks in heat when it's cold and sheds redundant heat when it's hot, keeping your skin cool during summer and warm in the winter.


Resists Dirt and Odors

The protein structure of silk works against dirt, mold, and other odor causing compounds. Other fabrics of lesser-quality lose their properties over time as they gather stains and smells. But, not silk!

Finally, Achieve
a Happier,
Healthier, Full
Night's Sleep!


Sick and tired of replacing cheap sleep masks because they fall apart? Inexpensive masks aren’t made to last, so buying them actually costs you more in the long run. Even worse, poor-quality masks irritate your eyes, put too much pressure on your head, and overall make sleeping uncomfortable.

Cheap Sleep Masks Aren't
the Answer

Saving a few bucks for a subpar product isn’t worth it. Sleeping poorly leads to a domino-like effect of negative side effects including memory loss, drastic mood swings, and trouble concentrating.

By not getting a good night sleep you put your health at risk, too. High blood pressure, weakened immunity, and diabetes have all been associated with sleep deprivation. Increased cortisol caused by lack of sleep spikes your appetite, which leads to weight gain and a lower sex drive.


Heart disease and even breast cancer have been linked to frequent exposure to LAN.

A 10-year study found that a sample group of over 1,670 women exposed to higher intensity light in their sleeping environment had 22% higher odds of developing breast cancer than those spending their nights in total darkness. The researchers blamed it on hormone disruption caused by melatonin suppression.

If you agree quality matters, we're here to help. Made with 100% non-toxic pure silk that feels amazing on your skin,the Swanwick Silk Sleep Mask helps you achieve comfortable, luxurious shut-eye every night. This is the ultimate eye mask to achieve the deep sleep you deserve.

Here’s the bottom line: if you want to protect your health (and your sanity), you don’t need more sleep. You need better sleep — which means more darkness. When it comes to investing in a sleep mask, it’s simply not worth it to go for the cheapest eye masks available.

Customer Spotlight:

Does It Work?

"I've tried other masks before, and I was totally let down, ripped off, and disappointed. Even I didn't think this sleep mask would make any difference. But, I tried it anyway and I am SO glad I did. Literally the cheapest set of blackout curtains I've ever owned! 🤣 The best part is I can take it anywhere and know I'll still get my beauty sleep."

• Karla B.

“I ordered the Swanwick Sleep Sleep Mask last week and have already gotten rid of my other sleep masks. It's exactly what I needed. I have tried a few and this has been my best sleep mask, yet. Highly recommended. 10/10."

• Nicholas H.

"The material is soft, covers your whole face, & great for naps. I can recharge to power through my day. Seriously, one of the best sleep masks I've ever tried."

• Mary

"So comfortable that I forget I have it on. The elastic band doesn't pinch. There's no velcro to get caught in my hair. Incredible product. Now the only eye mask I’ll need for travel, meditation, and just every night’s sleep."

• Jameson L.
  • 100% Pure Silk Sleep Mask
    • 100% natural anti-aging silk material and filling - this eye mask fits comfortably on all face shapes - silky soft with a secure fit.
    • Oversized for total coverage, ensuring that you block light from all angles from entering your eyes. Larger than other masks, with better weight distribution and reduced pressure. Super soft and comfortable across your nose bridge.
    • Elastic band covered in a plush sheath of silk as opposed to a velcro strap that will snag hair, shift in the night and let in unwanted light. This eye pillow is better than any other mask, completely blocks out light from your eye area.
    • This mask is comfortable for side sleepers, stomach sleepers, and back sleepers while maintaining a total blackout effect, blocking out light - there's simply no room for improvement.
    • Some people sleep best with some white noise. However, when paired with our Swanwick® Sleep Ear Plugs, you can achieve sensory deprivation if that's your best sleep medicine.
  • If you are looking to improve your sleep and find yourself using electronic devices in the evening such as cell phones, TV, tablets, computers, then Night Swannies® will be most beneficial to you. Our Night Swannies with the orange tinted lens block the blue light (over 99%) between 400-500nm. Blue light between 450-480nm has been shown to inhibit the body’s natural ability to produce melatonin.

    In order to prepare your body for sleep, blue light in the evening should be limited as much as possible, which is what Night Swannies do.

    Day Swannies block 98% of blue light at 400 nm. This graduates to 45% at 450nm. This range is the most harmful part of the blue light spectrum.

    Day Swannies allow a natural amount of blue light exposure, which gives your body the signals it needs to stay awake during the daytime, giving you the best environment for optimized performance.

    Natural levels of daytime blue light can improve alertness, memory and brain function. By wearing Day Swanies, you get the benefits of good blue light, while being protected from the most harmful blue light rays that can lead to digital eye strain and other problems.

    Combining healthy amounts of blue light exposure during the day with limited blue light exposure in the evening will When you combine a healthy level of blue light during the day and limit your exposure to all blue light at night, this will help regulate your circadian rhythm and let you get the best out of all 24 hours of your day.

    We are happy to offer several options for people who wear corrective glasses.

    1. Swannies Fitovers: designed for wearing over another pair of glasses. Available in both Day and Night or as a value Bundle: https://www.swanwicksleep.com/collections/fitovers.

    2. Custom Prescription Swannies we make your own prescription in our Day or Night Swannies lenses. Swannies Custom Prescriptions are made to order California and you can choose from most of our normal frame options. Available here: https://www.swanwicksleep.com/collections/prescription-swannies.

    3. Swannies Readers: magnified lenses and are ready to order: https://www.swanwicksleep.com/collections/blue-light-reading-glasses/readers.

    Yes, we regularly test our Night and Day Swannies lenses through Colts Laboratories. Transparency is important to us when it comes to sharing data about Swannies Blue Light Blocking Glasses.

    When choosing blue blockers, we always recommend checking whether transmission reports are available and conducted by an independent testing facility.

    Night Swannies Transmission Report

    Day Swannies Transmission Report


    Night Swannies block over 99% of blue light between 400-500nm, and around 80% of green light between 400-550nm.

    For more information on the differences between Day and Night Swannies, click here.

    For more information about the science behind Swannies, please visit swannies.com/science.

    Yes, you can wear your Night Swannies during screen time during the day. We do not recommend you wear them for long periods during the daytime. Make sure to take regular hourly breaks from wearing your Night Swannies during the day, and expose yourself to some natural sunlight, especially in the morning.



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