Sneak Peek Into the Best-Kept Celebrity Sleep Secrets

Sneak Peek Into the Best-Kept Celebrity Sleep Secrets

A celebrity’s lifestyle looks all cool and glamorous from afar, but little do you know what goes on behind the screen. Just like you and I, some celebrities struggle to get enough sleep at night. Do anxiety, stress, and depression keep you up at night? If your answer is yes, you could benefit from these celebrity sleep secrets I’m going to share with you today. Have a look at how Jennifer Lopez, George Clooney, and other famous stars were able to solve their sleep problems by changing a few simple habits. Yes, a simple change of habit can have a great impact on a person’s sleep quality and life. Celebrities have never been as relatable as they are here and now. Let’s discover their sleep secrets below.

1. Jennifer Lopez

Getting enough sleep as a famous actress, singer and full-time mother can be a challenge in itself. But JLo makes it a top priority, “Sleep is my weapon,” she said. Her best-kept beauty secrets are simple habits like:
  • Drinking plenty of water
  • Sleeping at least 8 hours every night
  • Getting a good cleanser
Can’t argue with that!

2. George Clooney

Actor and director turned producer, George Clooney confesses in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, he has a “tough time getting to sleep”. Clooney said, “Without question, I wake every night five times.” Stress was the main cause of his sleep deprivation; being a public figure and a father of twins is not an easy task. And getting up several times a night for feedings and diaper changes didn’t make it any easier. The only solution was to… Oh, wait. He may never sleep again! Unless we get him a pair of Swannies, STAT!

3. Jennifer Aniston

In an interview with HuffPost, actress Jennifer Aniston revealed her struggle with insomnia. She described her ordeal with insomnia like having a “committee in my head”. Aniston also mentioned that “If I wake up at three in the morning, I just start having conversations and they won’t shut up and then I can’t get back to sleep.” Does it sound familiar? Then you’ll be interested to know how she succeeded in her fight with insomnia. Here are Jennifer Aniston’s sleep hacks: We couldn’t agree more! You might also be interested in: The Power Of Darkness: Why Sleeping In Darkness Is Key To A Better Life

4. Kelly Clarkson

Here’s a pattern you might have noticed by now: even famous personalities lie awake at night, worrying about their careers. Kelly Clarkson shared with Self Magazine that her level of career dedication affected her sleep. When she’s in a creative mojo or just stressed out, she has to immediately write everything down and record her thoughts. It can’t wait until morning. “That’s why I have a hard time sleeping,” she admitted. “A lot of those writing times are at night.” Not only is keeping a notebook on your bedside one of the cutest celebrity sleep secrets out there, but it’s also recommended by sleep experts. So go ahead. Have a pillow talk with your journal. Tip: Keep a journal on your nightstand. Jot down ideas or worrisome thoughts to put them out of your mind and refer back to them the next day. It’s cheaper than therapy.

5. Pete Wentz

The online magazine Contract Music reported that the Fall Out Boy musician tweeted in September 2009 the following: “sometimes late at night, I realize this planet doesn't belong to me. I also don't belong to it. I wish I had recycled it more and me less.” He continued, “Can’t fall asleep. No bodyguard/nannies in sight. Mission possible. We need to start an insomnia club. Nobody that does uppers need apply.” Since Wentz opened up about his bipolar disorder in an interview with HuffPost in 2015, he shared his best tips to take care of himself, both his body & mind:
  • Exercise
  • Meditation
  • Talking things through instead of keeping them in
  • Having a consistent schedule with his family

You might also be interested in: How Better Sleep Equals a Better Life These simple habit adjustments have had a major impact on these celebrities’ sleep and life quality. What’s more, with getting enough sleep, they’ve also been able to manage their anxiety and stress-levels effectively. Win-win! Have these celebrity sleep secrets helped you solve your sleep problems? Let us know in the comments below. Oh, and feel free to share your sleep secrets with us. We could all use some tried-and-true sleep hacks. Here’s our tried-and-true sleep hack: Sleep Better Bundle, a 3-in-1 solution to your sleep problems. Get it here and enjoy some quality time with your pillow!

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