How Better Sleep Equals a Better Life

I’m going to lay down the facts when it comes to getting those precious restorative hours in and show you how better sleep equals a better life. This is because, we all know that we should sleep more but we often don’t prioritize it and don’t care to compromise on it, if need be.

If the following applies to you, then take very seriously what I’m about to tell you:

  • You’re currently in bed until the early hours of the morning, trawling through the internet in a dark and dismal haze, because you just can’t fall asleep.
  • You wake up feeling as tired as you were when you lay down a few hours before and have no energy or motivation to get you through the day.
  • Your moods and states throughout the day are restless, clumsy, frustrated, irritable and blue because you simply can’t get any sleep.
  • Tiredness has become a personality trait and it’s getting in the way of your social life, professional or school work, and happiness.
  • You snore heavily, sleepwalk, have nightmares or find yourself waking up in the middle of the night.

“Okay, so why is it important to sleep well?”

It’s important to get good sleep because it is where our body restores itself, heals any damage, and recharges the batteries. Consider sleep as you do the charger for your phone, without it, you’d die. This is because, during the day, you go out and hunt animals for food, build the campfire and protect the tribe against any lions - metaphorically speaking. At night, you need the time where you recover, so you can perform effectively the next day.

Being awake and taking action versus sleeping and getting rest is like the yin and the yang of life. One can only be effective as the other, and they are both incomplete without each other. If you want to be a successful person and reach immense heights of accolade, or you just want to have a comfortable and carefree existence, sleep is probably one of the secret ingredients.

“How much sleep should I get?”

There are a lot of different thoughts and opinions on how much sleep you need for optimal levels of energy, brain cognitive ability and optimal performance. The most widely accepted time is 8 hours of sleep per night. However, truthfully, these hours differ for different people. See below:

* Newborns babies to six-month-old babies need between 14 and 17 hours per day. * Toddlers and pre-school children need between 10 and 14 hours per day.

* Teenagers are recommended to have between eight and ten hours of sleep per night, because of the fast changes of hormones and bone growth.

* Adults from 21+ are recommended to have around seven to nine hours of sleep per night.

* Older adults, around 60+ are recommended to have seven to eight hours per night.

“Okay. But what are the direct benefits of sleeping better?”

There are many benefits of sleeping better, but I’m going to give you the five most profound benefits of getting a good night sleep.


#1 Happier moods

Getting a lack of sleep has consistently been linked to unhappiness, depression and suicide. This is because it is diminishing returns - you’re waking up exhausted, and then you’re waking up the next day even more exhausted. This wears down your mental capabilities and leads to poor performance, which gives you low self-esteem. It also affects your brain chemistry and the two factors essentially lead to a massive downward emotional spiral.

#2 More energy

When you get good sleep regularly, you are basically creating fuel in your life to go out and achieve your dreams. Sleep is a commodity and a precious resource. Think of driving a car, because without gas, you won’t be able to do much at all without it.

#3 Better brain function

Getting a good night sleep leads to cognitive rejuvenation, which allows your body and brain to heal properly. This leads to you having more mental focus, presence and peace of mind. With the deeper focus, it allows you to take in richer and more complex information, which can seriously improve the quality of your life.


#4 A healthier body

A healthy sleep cycle equals better physical health. Harvard University conducted a study which showed that poor sleep cycles and habits lead to a weaker immune system, which makes you more likely to get sick. Specifically, they found that people who slept less than seven hours per night were three times as likely to get sick. This whole, ‘hustle’ movement is great, but never compromise working without your sleep because long-term it’s a sucker’s game and you’ll lose out.

#5 Better productivity

Having higher productivity enriches your life by helping you achieve your goals. When you have a better focus and more energy, it means you can get into deep work, because your thinking is clearer and you aren't being pulled around by these crappy auto-pilot thoughts.

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Sam Mehan

Fashion Designer and Entrepreneur

Sam is a fashion designer and entrepreneur living in the ever exciting country of Australia. Sam has a passion for educating others on the dangers of blue light as she herself knows the struggle with eye fatigue from long days of graphic design, followed by relaxing nights of gaming.

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