Practical Steps to Detox and Help You Achieve Limitless Energy

Practical Steps to Detox and Help You Achieve Limitless Energy

You have a great diet and you exercise regularly, but you still suffer from chronic fatigue. You’ve tried everything for a boost in energy, but nothing seems to cut the mustard.

Your days go by in a daze!

You pack away the laundry in the freezer. You walk around in search of your glasses, only to realize 3 hours later it’s been snug on your head. Yikes! And you find yourself saying “you too” when the waiter says “enjoy your meal.”

As funny as it is, these are signs you might be experiencing brain fog largely caused by heavy metal poisoning. Yes! POISONING! Not so funny anymore, eh?

Fortunately, we had a specialist on The Edge Podcast to share everything you need to know about heavy metal detoxing. This is an episode you don’t want to miss out on, for sure!

Catch James Swanwick with Wendy Myers as they dive into the importance of detoxing to protect your health. Wendy is the founder of, a detox expert, functional diagnostic nutritionist, and NES Bioenergetic Practitioner, as well as the bestselling author of Limitless Energy: How to Detox Toxic Metals to End Exhaustion and Chronic Fatigue.

She’s basically your go-to person to help you detox everyday toxins and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 👍

Tune in below to discover her revolutionary approach!



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00:00 - Introduction

01:17 - How wearing a pendant blocks nasty toxins

10:31 - The impact of 5G

15:38 – How to navigate exposure to EMF

17:58 – How Wendy reduces EMF exposure in her home

23:25 - How Airestech works

25:23 - Showers are like vaporizing toxins

29:41 - Toxic soaps

33:41 - The major underlying root causes of chronic illness

35:56 - How to mitigate as much influx of toxins as possible

39:59 - Alkalize with sodium bicarbonate

40:40 - A slightly confusing contradiction and how to navigate it

47:51 - 100% money-back guarantee


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James Swanwick: I am James Swanwick. And today we are speaking to detox expert, Wendy Myers. We're going to be talking about the EMFs that are lurking in your home.  All of the toxins, all the nastiness that is compromising your health. And Wendy is a detox expert, a Functional Diagnostic nutritionist. She is the best selling author of Limitless Energy- How To Detox Toxic Metals To End Exhaustion and Chronic Fatigue. And she's just told me that I'm getting a pendant sent to me. One of her harmony pendants, which I'm going to ask her a little bit, a little bit about in a second, which is a stress reducer and an EMF protector. Wendy- joining us from Playa Del Carmen in Mexico. Lovely to have you here.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, thank you so much for having me.

James Swanwick: Tell me how wearing a pendant can block nasty toxins.

Wendy Myers: Yes. So you know, I work with thousands of clients to help detox them from heavy metals. But one of the, the problems with people that want to detox or they're trying to recover their health or they're chronically ill, is there in a chronic state of stress. And one of the reasons for that is EMF, we have these electromagnetic frequencies or fields that we're constantly being bombarded with in our home from our computers, from our wireless internet, at work from cellphone towers, from dirty electricity in our walls. And the sources are only increasing. We've got satellites that are going up every day, we have a long musk launched 180 satellites last month. And these are 5G satellites. There's going to be 100,000 in the next few years going up to blanket the entire planet, in these really high frequencies that are non native and harmful to our bodies. And they cause a range of different symptoms. And it's something I've been worried about for years and have like researched and whatnot. But I was approached by someone that created this harmony pendant. And it's just this neat little device- very simple, pretty piece of jewelry. That helps protects your body about 50%. It's there's no nothing that's 100% protective, but it dramatically reduces stress and it helps to block some of the EMF that we are experiencing in our environment.

James Swanwick: So is it reducing the stress because it's blocking 50% of the EMF. So is it reducing stress because of another reason.

Wendy Myers: So how it works is essentially it's optimizing your body's energy field. So talking about some concepts from bio-energetics, that we all have an energy field around us, our heart throws off an energy field, you know, in a 10 foot diameter around us. This is scientifically proven by heartmath. And you know other researchers. And so all of our body puts out this energy field and that's where the majority of our communication takes place. So our body communicates physically with nerve impulses and neurotransmitters and hormones. But the majority of our communication, like the brain sends messages to the heart or the heart sending messages to other organs, happens in this energy field. And so when you have something like these non native frequencies, these EMF these high frequency emfs bombarding us that's going to dramatically interfere in our body's ability to communicate, it interferes in our heartbeat, it interferes in our brainwaves. And so that affects our sleep, we get heart palpitations, we get you know, fatigue, brain fog, researches even showing infertility, you know, tumors and there's so many different consequences health of consequences of this, this EMF affecting our energy field. So what the pendant is doing is it helps to… when you're you turn it on, you know put dependent on you activate it, there's a little two minute process you do to activate it to your body's energy field. It's optimizing your energy fields. It’s clearing it of energetic blockages, and your body starts regulating better, it starts working more efficiently, and in doing so reduces stress on the body. And so we see that evidence in HRV. It's a measure of stress. It's called heart rate variability. And we did a study with about 101 patients conducted by eight different doctors, a few of the medical doctors and we saw, you know, the study design was doing a baseline HRV test, exposing the patient to an high EMF source. And then we saw all the numbers dramatically decline and other variable HRV and other variables. about 30 different variables tested. And then we put our harmony pendant on activated, tested 5 minutes later. And then we saw all these variables improve. Many of them over and above the baseline. And so, we're just showing that the pendant is, you know, reducing stress and it's, it's not... the pendant is not blocking EMF, so to speak. It's just optimizing your energy field so that when you are exposed to EMF, your energy field is better able to kind of defend itself. It's not going to... it's not going to like, be as subject to it or is prone to, to not working as optimally.

James Swanwick: Yeah, it's not an impregnable suit. It's kind of…

Wendy Myers: Yeah. Exactly. 

James Swanwick: It's not like it's not like Clark Kent going into a telephone booth and coming out as Superman all of a sudden being able to fight off bullets, but he is able to maybe get in a few fights and... and win without is that is that a good analogy? You think? 

Wendy Myers: Yeah, exactly. Yeah, ‘cause there's nothing out there that's 100% protection. I mean, there's some very, very expensive home devices. I like the Blue Shield device. That's fantastic. The, the key device is fantastic also, but those are, you know, thousands of dollars. And I think the Blue Shield one is like for the lower end models like $600. But the pendant is great because it, it goes with you everywhere you go, where a lot of people will, you know, were to optimize their home and you know, defend against EMF in their home with earthing sheets, or some people have, you know, a bed canopies. Or you can have, you know, paints, graphite paints to protect from EMF, there's a lot of, there's a lot of things you can do and the home devices that I talked about, that can protect your entire home. But what happens when you leave your home, what happens to go to your friend's house or you go to work, go to the store, the harmony pedant goes with you everywhere. And it's you know, like I said, it's not 100% production, but it's 50%. And, and I'll take that. I think right now we need all the help that we can get because these EMFs, people have to pay attention to them, because they are causing low grade chronic symptoms, like anxiety, depression, insomnia, poor energy function, people have higher glucose levels in their blood, as a result of this. There's a lot of different problems that these EMFs are causing. People have to pay attention to this. Because if you present with these symptoms at your doctors, they're not looking at EMF, they're not looking at heavy metals, they're not looking at these toxins, that are these growing underlying root causes of these symptoms.

James Swanwick: So, if you and many others in our community, are so knowledgeable about the dangers of EMFs, and we look at Elon Musk sending satellites up into the... up into space as being another dangerous way of getting EMFs, why is it still looked upon with so much skepticism and why isn't the medical community or government or policymakers preventing all of this? Like, if it's so obvious that EMFs cause us compromised health, seems like the opposite of that, which is to accelerate EMFs, why is that okay? Like, why is that approved? Why is that encouraged?

Wendy Myers: Well, you know, it's all about money. You know, it's, you know, people like these, you know, who are the players that are rolling this out? Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos of Amazon and Elon Musk, the billionaire is a globalist, if you will. And so whoever owns the skies, is going to own all this data and make a tremendous amount of money from it. And so, you know, they're lobbying governments, they're paying people off and whatnot. But some countries in Europe, like in Denmark and Switzerland, they've stopped the rollout of 5G, pending further research. So there's a few... a handful of countries in Europe that have opted to protect their citizens. But unfortunately, the majority of the world, this is rolling out and it's really just a matter of money. The research is out there. There are tons of amazing books from Nick Pino from Lloyd Burrell, from Dr. Mercola that have all the research that shows the harm and the health impacts that EMF cause. So, but we all know how that goes, you know that, you know, it's only decades later when there's a public outcry that certain harmful products or things like EMF, or were truly to become, you know, it reaches the masses and there's an outcry and laws created to protect people. But the evidence is clear that it harms bees, it harms birds and it harms humans as well.

James Swanwick: Hmm. Yeah. It seems like every new kind of technological advancement that is heralded is just like, Isn't this amazing? This is fantastic. Look at this superduper Wi Fi and 5G. Isn't this incredible? You'll be able to, you know, 10 x your processing speed and everyone's like, “Great, great.” But there doesn't seem to be any health warnings. It's interesting what you said about Denmark and what was the other country that…?

Wendy Myers: Switzerland.

James Swanwick: Denmark and Switzerland. So they have paused their 5G rollout, is that right?

Wendy Myers: Yeah, Mm hmm.

James Swanwick: Okay. Yeah. So I'm in Australia at the moment and I'm seeing all these advertising from the local mobile phone carriers here from Optus and Telstra, promoting and heralding the arrival of 5G 5G 5G and it's all the marketing is all wonderful and incredible. And certainly what it can do, it does sound wonderful and incredible. Is it uhm… what, what do you say to the opposite side, which says this is just conspiracy theory nonsense. And, you know, this is just ridiculous. It's ridiculous. What are you talking about? 5G causes cancer. Are you crazy? What… what, how do you respond to that kind of pushback?

Wendy Myers: Well, I think there's a lot of junk science that is funded by the people who benefit from the rollout of 5G. I think there's there's always bad science out there that says it's not harmful and studies done on numerous people. And there's also the blackout by the mainstream media, who are to a certain degree owned by people that would benefit from 5G, like, you just you don't see anything negative in, say the New York Times, about 5G and there's a reason for that.They get paid. I have a friend that owned a PR company that kept certain stories, or certain people, they paid to keep them out of the newspapers. Lots of companies like that exist. But unfortunately, there's lots of research that shows I mean, just thousands, there's thousands of research studies that show that EMfs are harmful to us on many, many different levels. I mean, in the most obvious ones are insomnia, heart palpitations, anxiety and depression. And we're seeing an increase of these, we've seen an increase over the last few years. And it's very, very concerning. I think there's a… an epidemic of insomnia and sleep issues, directly related to EMF, an increase in anxiety. And people just, they just don't understand how their body works. They do many... I'm trying to educate people on the concept of bioenergetics.  People have an energy field. And this is where the majority of your communication takes place. This needs to be protected. And it needs to be thought about when you're addressing your health. It's not enough these days just to eat a healthy diet and eat supplements and exercise.  You have to be thinking about your energy field, how your body communicates, and how you can protect that and optimize it as best you can. The harmony pendant is one way, it's not the only thing.  It's not going to solve all your problems just with this, but, but what I've gotten from some of the practitioners that use this is and how I use it with clients is it's a great way to get people out of this stress state.  Like so many people are in this sympathetic dominant like chronically stressed state, and they can't rest well in that state. They can't detox in that state, they can't digest and absorb their nutrients in that state. And they certainly can't heal and recover from chronic illness in that state. And, this is a very simple way to kind of bring people down into parasympathetic nervous system state so they can be, andit in the stays in permanently. Like I have lots of practitioners that take their HRV or you know, they're using an aura ring or some other way they're measuring their stats, and check their HRV, check their deep sleep and check other measurements that they're following. Before and after using the harmony pendant, they’re shocked how much their HRV improves, because their stress levels were coming down. And, and it maintains that it's not just temporary, like say you go to a yoga class or you go swimming at the beach.  Those can definitely temporarily improve your stress state. But many times people go back to their, their chronic state of stress and afterwards. Their you know, their HRV you know, and you know, decreases or what have you. So you have to keep doing those things over and over and over. But with the harmony pendant it’s such a very easy thing that people can wear to maintain, like a lowered stress state.

James Swanwick: I'm curious, um, you mentioned the aura ring, which I have here.

Wendy Myers: Yes.

James Swanwick: One of the things I find ironic about it is that in order for me to track my data of sleep, I have to leave my phone on during the night in order for the Bluetooth to connect and actually track the data. Now I do I do put my phone in another room, I don't put it in my in the room that I sleep in. But before I got the aura ring, I just switched my phone off or put it on airplane mode. So it wasn't connecting to the Wi Fi signal. So how did how does someone like me? Like navigate that? How do I reconcile it's like, oh, I want to get all this data. But in order to get all this data on my human body, I have to actually expose myself to Bluetooth and Wi Fi.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, I don't know I think the aura ring, I think that they have like some of the newer models that are out. They have a setting where it's like you can turn off the the Bluetooth or the data, but then when you wake up and turn your phone on it populates, I think I'm not 100% sure. But there's always a trade off. I mean, I think we live in a very connected wired world, that's only going to increase and you know, and that's something like for me and you know, we work online, you know, tethered to my computer all day long. It's something that many of us we can't get away from, we just have to find ways to mitigate the exposure to EMF or Bluetooth and what have you. And so like the pendant is one way to do that I have a Blue Shield, the Blue Shield cube that also works on like three different ways to protect from EMF, you know, I have a number of other things that I use as well I happen some AriesTech devices I put on my computer and in my phone and whatnot. So you know, I try to do everything I can to mitigate EMF.. but it's, you know, for some people, there is a trade off like, for me, I love the data from my aura ring. And so that's just a trade off I make to get that data and track if what I'm doing is working for my health or not. And you can certainly track with it with the aura ring the the benefits of the harmony pendant as well, you have another number of practitioners that do that, too.

James Swanwick: So just walk us through what you do morning, noon and night to limit your EMF exposure, like what's the day in the life of Wendy Myers here.  In terms of blocking as much of that, those emfs in your home?

Wendy Myers: Yes, so I do a number of things. So number one, you know, I do some grounding in the morning, I usually am like sitting in my yard, I'm doing a little bit of meditation, and or I'm going swimming in the ocean, I live about five minutes from the ocean. So that's very grounding. Because what EMF does is it has a, like your body has a negative charge, it's supposed to have a negative charge. But EMF elicits this positive charge on our body. So that's why it's not it doesn't work correctly when we're exposed to high levels in chronically low levels of EMF. And so it's so grounding out in nature is very important to counteract that. I don't think it's enough these days because you can't spend all your time grounding, and we're constantly exposed to EMF, so you have to like kick it up a notch, you have to do a few other things. But every little bit helps. And so that I put my harmony pendant on, I also I drink this water, it's called Watt-Ahh, it's a negatively charged water, it's got lots of negative ions in it, and oxygen and hydrogen. And so one thing that EMF does is it It lowers your ability to carry oxygen in your blood and it also makes your cell membranes more porous. So the pathogens, other things can enter the cells easier. And so the Watt-Ahh just helps to, you know, increase oxygen, increase hydrogen improve cell function, improve cell membrane function and kind of help ground your body. This is not feasible for most people. It's just in the in the US available unless you order like a pallet. But this is one of my little secret weapons in that way to protect from EMF I also I say certain commands in the morning to protect my body from EMF. There's, I mean, I believe that all the words that we say in the thoughts that we think have a dramatic effect on our body. It's just the everything's in the matrix. It's kind of quantum quantum physics. So your thoughts and your words and things that you command your body to do are incredibly powerful. So I have some things I say in the morning to to help to optimize my body's functioning and protect from EMF. I also I have some earthing sheets that I got on like earthing, I think it's, Dr. Steven Sinatra's website. So earthing sheets are graded kind of like grounding sheets, and they have silver and copper threads in them to protect from EMF while you're sleeping, because that's the most important to is to protect you where you're sleeping. Because, you know, like I mentioned, the EMFs can really affect your brainwaves and dramatically affect your quality of sleep. And if you're not sleeping, you're going to wake up the next day with high blood sugar, more cravings, you're not gonna be able to regenerate, you can't detox mostly at night. It just has, as you know, dramatic, you know, deleterious health effects if you're not sleeping. So that's kind of what I do. I also I don't have any electronics in my room at all, my computer and my cell phone are in another room charging, I don't have like I said I don't have a television in my room, I don't have any electronics that can be have like a little Bluetooth signal that can be you know, sent to me, I also take my bed, I have it six inches off the wall. Because a lot of people have it at least in the United States, a circuit breakers are always on, we're in Europe, they turn the circuit breakers off like usually pressed like a light switch to turn on the electric breaker. But in United States where I am, I'm in Mexico now. But it's the same kind of electrical system, you know, you can have dirty electricity coming out of the walls affecting your head affecting your brain. So distance is key. So removing, you know, pulling your bed, like at least six inches from the wall is really, really important as well. I also do things I try to keep my cell phone at least an arm's length away from me. So the further you are from something even though it's emitting EMF, the further it is away from you the better. So it's not going to be affecting you as much. So those are probably like little things that I do throughout the day. Also, when I'm using my computer, I try not to when you plug it in, it's going to emit a lot more when you're charging it, it's going to emit a lot more EMF. So I try to use it and as much as I can and then only plug it in is is I need to. So those are just some little tips that might be might be helpful.

James Swanwick: So don't keep the computer plugged in. Because when it's charging, it's emitting more EMFs.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, Mm hmm. You get that dirty electricity that it's it's, you know, sending you off.

James Swanwick: And then, got it, and then do you have a protector on your phone on your phone? Like a like some kind of? 

Wendy Myers: Yes, I have an AriesTech. That one I really like I think those are really good ones.

James Swanwick: It's called AriesTtech, is it? 

Wendy Myers: Yeah, AriesTech. 

James Swanwick: And what is it? Is it... 

Wendy Myers: Well, it's just a little sticker. It has like frequencies in the sticker that counteract the EMFs.

James Swanwick: Oh I see.

Wendy Myers: So it has like it's almost like a hologram like it has, like frequencies infuse into the hologram the sticker. And so it's helping to counteract EMF. So in that way, it's just like another form of but like when you say bioenergetics you're talking about frequencies because everything emits a frequency. Everything in the rocks and the sheets in your brain everything has a frequency which can be measured. And so you can put counteractive frequencies in stickers and that's how well the EMF protecting or blocking stickers work.

James Swanwick: Got it? Yeah. Okay. And then when you are using your computer to do zoom calls, is it preferable to do Wi Fi or have it actually connected to a to a modem? So yeah, what's preferable?

Wendy Myers: Yeah, I try to be hardwired. So I try to have a you know a cord going from my router into my computer so I'm not having the the Wi Fi on. And that's ideal. It's not feasible for a lot of homes, especially if you have a lot of different family members. But there are Wi Fi routers that you can buy that turn off and they're not in use. So they can sense when they're not being used and they just turn off automatically when they're not in use turn off at night very important to turn your wire off at night when you're not using it because it's just going to impact your your sleep and your brainwaves. So but if you can’t be hardwired all the time, you can at least be hardwired in the room where you're working. And or get one of these routers that turns off by themselves. You can also put them on a little, get a little 4 or $5 timer and have the router turn off at a certain time every night and turn on in the morning, if you don't want to invest in a router that automatically turns off when it's not in use.

James Swanwick: Got it. Yeah, there's, it seems like there's a lot of things you can do that people just don't think about. And I had a guest on the show a while ago, who was telling me that the shower is actually one of the most toxic places in your home. And one of the reasons was is because the quality of water that we were poor putting over our body was was very poor. So if you take a hot shower opens up your pores, and the water that's now seeping into your pores is not the highest caliber of of water. And have you have you heard heard that before? 

Wendy Myers: Yes, yeah, I talked about that all the time. This is my main kind of expertise in detoxification and, and toxicity and Absolutely, I mean, our skins our skin can we can excrete toxins and in a hot infrared sauna, we can sweat them out, and we can also absorb them very well. You know, that's why transdermal medications are so effective a lot of people can very easily absorb all kinds of things with their skin. And so in shower water we have medications. Testosterone is one of the number one toxins in water, birth control pills, we have antidepressants, sleep medication at all the medications that people urinate out in the toilet get are recycled in the municipal water sources. And they are not checking for those or not they're only checking for certain chemicals or heavy metals and in very few at that and so all of these these medications and things are in the water are not checked for and they're recycled back into our water that we're you know drinking and showering in and you know, when you're showering you have the steam and so even if there's it's not going in through your skin, this like vaporized toxins, you can you breathe those in, as well as you're getting them in 2 different ways. The toxin intake when you're showering, and then a lot of showers are water. municipal water sources have chlorine in them, they're fluoridated. They, they have you know, bacteria parasites, different organisms are in the water as well. Not to mention glyphosate, which is an herbicide very, very, very toxic, is it makes cell membranes very porous. So one we have the EMF making cell membranes more porous. And then a second layer is the glyphosate that's used primarily in United States. I don't think it's so much probable in Australia but they the glyphosate makes some membranes more porous. And that's I think, I firmly believe those 1-2 punches are why so many people are chronically ill because viruses bacteria mold more easily get into our cells as a result of these two things, making our cell membranes more porous. And but yeah, so lots of problems with shower water. That's why it's good to get a shower filter, there's a great one coming out, a by PH prescriptions. It filters heavy metals and chemicals. Most shower waters only get chlorine and fluoride. So the derma shower is fantastic in that regard. And it's one of the only ones I know that filters out heavy metals like mercury and lead and other arsenic or other common water contaminants and a whole house water filter as another option but that's you know, out of reach for most people.

James Swanwick: Yeah, so is it called pH prescriptions that they're coming out with a, what is it a showerhead?

Wendy Myers: Yeah, it's a showerhead that filters metals and chemicals which I've never seen before. So it's you know, going to solve a lot of problems. 

James Swanwick: Sorry, chemicals and…?

Wendy Myers: Heavy metals.

James Swanwick: Ahh... heavy metals. Got it.

Wendy Myers: Because most shower filters they're charcoal based they're not they're not really getting they're not really getting fluoride they're not really getting heavy metals at all. So the Derma showers are getting getting rid of a lot of toxins that most showerheads don't.

James Swanwick: Yeah, where else and then in terms of the soap that we use in our shower in terms of toxins. I imagine you're going to tell me that most of the soaps on the market are probably not great for us. I use a brand called Dr. Bronner's. 

Wendy Myers: Yeah. 

James Swanwick: Which I understand it is pretty Be healthy because it's at least when I looked at the ingredients, I can understand what it is is a lot of coconut oil and beeswax and olive oil and things like that. Can you just maybe talk to that not so much about that particular product, but...

Wendy Myers: I actually bought that product yesterday. 

James Swanwick: Oh, yeah. Yeah. 

Wendy Myers: My husband likes the peppermint one. But yeah, Dr. Bronner's is great. It's like saponified coconut oil. And so it's a super natural, you know, surfactant to help get rid of dirt and you know, a lot of toxic soaps use sodium lauryl sulfate, which is problematic, it's what makes shampoos and soaps lately suds up really, this thick suds and people like that, but it's it's toxic to our body. It's a hormone disruptor also a lot of the the typical soaps on the market use perfumes, I look at perfume is like secondhand smoke. perfumes can comprise hundreds of different chemicals that are hormone and endocrine disruptors, they interfere in our fertility in our you know, our menses, our menopause, and men's, you know, they're estrogenic so they interfere in men's ability to have testosterone and have really strong sperm motile sperm. So unfortunate... a lot of the chemicals in our environment and in our beauty products are estrogenic. So that's not good for men, it's not good for females who, you know, we, we absorb all of these estrogenic substances, through our, through our skin, putting these you know, lotions on our face, and our body and in, you know, sudsing up our body with soaps. And so these, you know, interact with and act like hormones and our hormone receptors, and that signals our body to produce less estrogen and progesterone and testosterone and really wreaks hormone havoc on our bodies. So I can only implore people to, you know, look at some of the natural alternatives out there they they perform, and smell just as good as they're a conventional toxic counterparts. There's lots of options out there today. For natural beauty products. Makeup deodorants, every every class are just so many products everyday coming on the market, that are natural and healthy for us. And it's worth spending a little bit more money. Because the effects are absolutely cumulative. I mean, we have right now, one in four couples is infertile. It's, it's crazy. And it's because of all these estrogenic substances that are acting on our bodies, the pesticides and the food, the perfumes and other estrogenic substances, in our beauty products, the plastics that all of our food is in. It's just really a huge, huge problem that again, I'm trying to wake people people up to the you know, I think people kind of generally feel like oh my I'm really healthy. I eat a really healthy diet, I take supplements, and I exercise but they're not paying attention to some of these little details, then can make a huge difference in their quality of life and their brain clarity, their weight, their their happiness, their their overall health. And so when you start, you know, making these little distinctions and making different choices, and working on you know, detoxing or EMF protection, I think people almost it's like this fish in water, you don't realize how how much these things are affecting you until you've mitigated some of these problems. And you start feeling so much better when you do that.

James Swanwick: Hmm. I read something somewhere that said the average baby has about 250 toxins in its… from the second they're born and that the average person has three times as many toxins as about 750 toxins in the body. Does that sound right to you?

Wendy Myers: Yes, it does. Yeah, the World Health Organization that does studies about every five years, where they look at toxin levels in adults in the placentas in being children. And yeah, it's a it's a growing concern. I mean, if you think about we have 750 chemicals on average, in our body, I mean, they those are not producing health, they're they're interfering in our body's metabolic function every different way in our digestion in our immunity in our brain function in our, you know, ability to control our blood sugar, in heart disease in our high blood pressure. All of these, the chronic illnesses of our time have an underlying root toxin heavy metals and chemicals as the major underline root causes. I mean, Dr. Joe Pizzorno, who wrote The Toxin Solution said that he feels like diabetes, the number one root cause is not diet, it's toxins that affect our pancreas’ ability to regulate blood sugar, our livers ability to aid in regulating blood sugar. And it's just it's it's such a huge problem. And I've dedicated you know, the last 10 years to researching this and publishing what I've researched on, talking about everything, toxins, and how they affect our body, and what you can do about them. 

James Swanwick: Hmm. How do we get rid of I mean, there's one thing to product try to prevent ourselves from getting these toxins and exposing ourselves to EMFs. But how do we then get rid of them? Let's just say we go okay, I'm listening to you, Wendy. I got it. I'm sure I got 750 toxins sitting inside of me. Yeah. What do I do?

Wendy Myers: Yes. Well, you know, number one, you you do want to try to mitigate as much influx of toxins as possible, but there's only so much that you can control so and I definitely implore people drink clean water, get a good water filter. You know, you know, eat organic food, take, you know, take supplements, and do infrared saunas, those are fantastic. But you know, we want to make good food choices, we want to buy good beauty products, healthy cleaning products, as well. The home is a big source of toxins. But even if you do everything perfectly, there are still toxins in the air that we breathe at the office. You know, it's just you go shopping, all the clothes are formaldehyde on them and perfumes everywhere and in the malls emanating out of the stores. I mean, it's just really impossible to avoid. And there's there's illegal dumping happening all the time. So it's really kind of impossible to to avoid all different toxin sources. So in that frame of mind, you want to be thinking about something you can do on a daily basis to detox your body. And I love infrared saunas, I love ionic footbaths. You know, I did three ionic footbaths today, myself . They’re just kind of have a positive and negative ions that pull toxins out of your body and out of you know, into the water and also a few days after you do a footbath, you have more excretion of toxins through your urine. And I also encourage people to do coffee enemas, not as popular and glamorous, but super effective at you know, aiding your liver to you know, a detox in your body. So a lot of you know there's 100 million people in the US alone that have non alcohol fatty liver disease. So anyone that has metabolic syndrome, that has diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease, they have non alcoholic fatty liver disease. So coffee enemas are a great way to kind of help get your liver working a little bit better and decongest it and help it detox your body better. There's supplements you can take lots of different nutrients there's toxin binders or citrus pectins and charcoals and things that act like sponges that you you take them they absorb toxins as I take something every single day a binder toxin binder Not to mention different nutrients you know vitamin E silica you know turmeric or cumin, broccoli sprouts, top five detox foods are egg yolks, green. . .  egg yolks, onion, garlic and ginger as well. And I think broccoli sprouts I already mentioned that so there's top five detox foods there you should do every day.

James Swanwick: I maybe you can tell me whether this is wise or not. But I I take a something called bicarb which is essentially just like baking soda. And I I have a product that I have sent to my home and I take it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and just a warning it does make you go to the bathroom quite often and within about 20 minutes it's about a 15 minute break and then all of a sudden you got to run to the bathroom. So it's not a particularly pleasant experience going through the process but then 45 minutes after taking it, I feel terrific. Is that something like a binder that you might be talking about that's actually flushing out toxins from my from my body?

Wendy Myers: Is it only sodium bicarbonate or is there anything else in it?

James Swanwick: I'm gonna I think so. Yeah, I think that's all it is. But I'll find I'll find out. 

Wendy Myers: Okay, yeah. I mean, sodium bicarbonate is great for, you know, alkalizing your body. And it's great if you have like stomach upset or nausea or heartburn. I think it's a fantastic thing to take for those. And yeah, I think a lot of people have their bodies are more on the acidic side. And since taking something like a bicarbonate can be really, really helpful, my husband takes it all the time.

James Swanwick: Yeah, it's called Safe Soda. It's the best way to alkalize. So...

Wendy Myers: Yeah, take those, you want to take one that's aluminum free, a lot of them have aluminum in them. So you I advise people, you know, to try to find one that has low aluminum. 

James Swanwick: Hmm. All right. Well, this has been very enlightening. Thank you Is there? Actually, I think one more question. So yesterday, in my home, we had it was a very hot day. And our seven year old left some food out, well actually left some food out a couple days ago. And yesterday we discovered a handful of maggots in our in our home which were crawling along the floor. And usually we're pretty, pretty thorough with our cleanliness in our home. But so it was a big shock to us to see these maggots crawling all over the floor. Now to get rid of them to kill them to exterminate them. We didn't have anything. And I asked my partner she said eucalyptus oil and I got the natural eucalyptus oil and we sprayed that and it didn't seem to kill them right away. And so I also had bought a very toxic insect bug killer from the from the store which my partner was upset with me with because full of toxins. Having said that, when I sprayed them with the chemical stuff, it did kill the maggots, whereas the eucalyptus oil didn't. So I don't know it's one of these. It's one of these things where I can see how most folks including myself, kind of want to take the easy option at times just like you know what this I noticed this thing is going to blast them. But then I also know it's probably not good for me to be breathing in the toxins that are coming out of this canister. And if I can just backtrack for a moment with COVID lockdowns I recall my partner and I we went to a movie theater to watch the latest Christopher Nolan film, ”Tennant: which which was one of the few films that kind of came out right when when COVID lockdowns had happened. And the cleaners of the theater that movie cinema, had just meticulously sprayed the inside of this movie cinema with all of these toxins, these chemicals to eliminate the possibility of COVID. However, when we were sitting in the theater of watching this film, we were breathing in like all of the toxins that the cleaner had used to eliminate the COVID. So I don't really know what my question is, other than I'm just giving you a couple of examples there where the is kind of like a challenge or there's hypocrisy. Like how do we navigate this slightly confusing contradiction?

Wendy Myers: Yes. So on the first point, using the the pesticide, you know, we all pick our poisons, you know, so there has to be a trade off. So with when it comes to pesticides, you have to use the right one, but there's lots of essential oils, some kills spiders, some kill fleas, some kill mosquitoes, so you just have to get the right essential oil that you know decimates the nervous system of the insect you're trying to kill. So there are organic pesticide companies out there that will use time oil use different essential oils, and very successfully. So I guess the eucalyptus just isn't for flies, you know. But we all make a trade off. I mean, lots women get gel manicures, and they dye their hair and they eat, they go eat fast food sometimes. I mean, you have to live your life. But on the whole, you want to try to make the best choices that you can make. But sometimes it takes too much research and you just got to get the job done. You know, I'm saying but it's not the end of the world. As long as you're you're trying to live like a detox lifestyle on a regular basis. A few slip ups here and there is not a big deal. As far as all the the toxins and disinfecting that's going on in relation to the pandemic. I think the the fear is unfounded. I personally feel like I've been researching this since December, before it even came to the United States. And was really trying to you know, inform my my tribe and you know myself also about what to do and the thing is that we live in an environment of We have hundreds of viruses in our body. We have billions of bacteria and germs and there's bacteria and viruses everywhere and it's it's disgusting, but that is life and we learn to live symbiotically with a lot Of these different organisms and blasting, let's say a movie theater or your home with tons of toxic chemicals is counterproductive. Because one, there's natural ways to do that. You can use essential oils to clean your home like I do. That's a very highly antiviral. You can use non toxic things like Brio tech is a great non toxic hand disinfectant. You can spray it on your face and whatnot. But I personally feel that the, the hysteria around the the pandemic is, you know, overblown. You know, the majority of people are asymptomatic. I've had it, I was completely asymptomatic. My husband had it and it was like a bad flu for a little while. And you know, even people that get the flu have long can have long term symptoms and lung damage and, and other things like that. So I personally feel like it's, I'm not into hand sanitizers, I'm not I just don't, I don't concern myself with those things. I certainly don't want to go places where they are, you know, blasting all these different disinfectants. I think that our bodies were not designed evolutionary, evolutionary wise to handle all these different chemicals. Our bodies, however, were designed to deal with bacteria and viruses, our immune systems know how to deal with that. So for me, I'm just more a fan of trying to disinfect as naturally as possible, as non toxic as possible. And I don't live in fear at all whatsoever from from the pandemic or the virus. I just think that a lot of this stuff going on in the world is has nothing to do with a virus. And it's I it's my heart hurts when I see people like super fearful and, you know, wearing their mask, which the research shows don't don't work, and the lockdowns, the research shows don't work. So, for me, I hope you know, I'm not turning anyone off by saying that but for me, I go by the research. I only, you know, my behaviors guided by scientific research and my choices are guided by that. So for me, you know, I think it's very sad the state of the world today.

James Swanwick: Wendy Myers, founder of go over and check it out at Thats’ M Y E R S, author of Limitless Energy - How To Detox Toxic Metals To End Exhaustion And Chronic Fatigue. Where else can our listeners or viewers find you Wendy?

Wendy Myers: Yes, so you can if you click on the link below this video, you can learn more about the harmony pendant and try that out and we give 100% money back guarantee if you're not happy for any reason at any time. Well, we want to give you your money back if it doesn't resonate with you so you can find me there and learn more about the harmony pendant and like I have hundreds of podcasts and hundreds of free articles on to teach you how to detox your body also.

James Swanwick: Yeah, the harmony pendant, the stress reducer and EMF protector. Wendy, thank you very much. This has been particularly enlightening. So appreciate you and what you do for people's health in the world. 

Wendy Myers: Yes, thank you so much for having me.


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