Top Tips for Sleep

We’ve provided some of our top tips for sleep, because if you’re reading this, then there’s a good chance that you will find it difficult sleeping. Having difficulty sleeping is one of the most taxing experiences that many of us can experience.

#1 - Consistency

If you want to feel fresh every single day, then an important thing is to respect your sleep cycle and stick to the same routine every day. For example, your daily routine could be to go to sleep at 11 pm and wake up at 7 am. This is very important because it enables your circadian rhythm to adjust to a specific time, allowing your body to produce melatonin and testosterone at the appropriate times. This means you can be at your best to go out and seize your day.

#2 Avoid Naps

The power nap may help you get through the day, but it may affect your body’s sleeping habits when it really matters, leading you to struggle getting to sleep later on.

#3 The Bedtime Ritual

Have yourself a nightly ritual before you nod off. Try a relaxing bedtime routine conducted away from the blue light emitted from your phone, laptop or TV, at least 90 minutes before you go to sleep. If that's a tall order, then simply buy our Swannies blue-light blocking glasses. This will enable your body to release melatonin and will help you feel sleepy and relaxed before bed.

#4 Exercise every day

Exercising will help your body secrete the important and healthy hormones which relate to your sleep cycle. It will also help you exhaust your energy so that when it’s bedtime, you fall asleep in a state of bliss. Aaah.

#5 Expose yourself to sunlight

The first thing you should do in the morning is expose yourself to sunlight, as this will tell your body that it’s time to wake up and get going. You can also get your daily dose of Vitamin D if you live somewhere sunny. This will release the feel-good neurotransmitter, serotonin.

#6 Avoid alcohol, smoking and big meals before sleep

Drinking alcohol, smoking and caffeine before bedtime will dehydrate your body and affects the deep sleep phase (REM) which is the most restorative and important part of a good night’s sleep. Eating big meals can also cause discomfort and indigestion - making it difficult to sleep. Try to avoid eating heavily before you go to sleep, and if you’re still hungry then it may be worth having a little snack 45 minutes before.

#7 Design your sleep environment

Make your sleeping conditions as perfect as possible. Sleep in a dark room and make sure it’s sound proof, so you can’t be disturbed by any noise or light. This is because our pineal gland can detect light with our eyes closed, which can mess with our body's rhythms. Make sure your room is cool for you to sleep in, approximately between 60°F to 70°F (15°C-20°C). You can also consider using blackout curtains and our Swanwick Night Mask too.


#8 Unwind

Do a calming activity before you go to sleep to reduce any stress you have, allowing you to progress into sleepy mode. For some people, meditation is a form of unwinding, which enables you to have peace of mind and presence. Others like to read a book, which is another great way to sharpen your mind before getting off to sleep and avoiding blue light. Just make sure that you don't involve yourself in any stressful activities which are going to promote your body’s cortisol production.

#9 If all fails - try somewhere else

If you find it difficult to fall asleep, then try another room and see if you can fall asleep there. Just make sure there are no extra work materials, computers and televisions around. A good piece of advice would be to only use your bed for sleep and sex because your brain will build strong neural pathways to that environment and associate it with sleep.

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Sam Mehan

Fashion Designer and Entrepreneur

Sam is a fashion designer and entrepreneur living in the ever exciting country of Australia. Sam has a passion for educating others on the dangers of blue light as she herself knows the struggle with eye fatigue from long days of graphic design, followed by relaxing nights of gaming.

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