We didn’t ask. Our customers TOLD US they wanted these.

We didn’t ask. Our customers TOLD US they wanted these.

Let me make this lightning quick...

Q: Have you ever tried to stare into the sun?

Of course you have. We all have. Remember being a kid?

Afterward, you wandered back inside with your arms stretched out with the glaring imprint of the sun still in your vision, wondering if you’d just blinded yourself like your mom said you would.

You’d try to hyperventilate as quietly as possible until your vision returned at which point, you’d make the judgement that while you hadn’t gone blind (and therefore mom might have been wrong) you still weren’t going to play with fire.

Maybe that was just me…? 🤔

Have you ever tried to stare into the sun?

So, as James Swanwick, noted sleep expert and co-founder of Swanwick tells us - for a great night’s sleep it’s really important to get outside and into the sunshine, early in the morning so that the fun little receptors in your eyes and skin know it’s wake-up time and to “start your clock”, which is kind of a countdown to bedtime.

Your body turns the hourglass over, if you will. ⏳

How does this happen?

Your skin can “see” blue light, just like your eyes can.

We’re talking SCIENCE here, folks. (As our Swannies have the high honor of being the most scientifically-validated blue light blocking glasses on the market, we’re pretty big into science.)


That's right. Not only are we validated by SleepScore Labs, we've also got a peer-reviewed study featured in The Journal of Applied Psychology showing the improvement in performance following a lovely sleep after wearing Swannies.

So, without reading you the study, let’s cut to the logical chase:

Q. If you wake yourself up with a bit of blue light from the sun in the morning, what happens when you’ve got blue light emitting not just from your devices in the evening - but also the very light bulbs in your house… or on your bedside table?

You’re probably not going to sleep too well, right?


It’s like your hourglass ran out of sand, but sand keeps coming because it’s borrowing from tomorrow’s sand. #notgood

Now, the receptors of blue light are definitely more sensitive in your eyes than in your skin. That’s why we made Swannies [amazing and most scientifically-validated] Blue Light Blocking Glassesfirst.

So, what’s next?

The Better Nights Anti-Blue Light LED Bulb! 🎉💡🥳

Folks, it just doesn’t get any better than that. Blue light protection for your eyes. Blue light protection for your skin.

Better Nights Anti-Blue Light LED Bulb

✅ Just order online.
✅ Receive in a couple days.
✅ Unbox.
✅ Stick ‘em in your sockets.
✅ Sleep better, forever.

Five easy-to-follow steps that kind of happen naturally once you do the first one. 👌

BONUS! These bulbs have a 30,000 hour lifespan. So, if you were just in love with them and left them on for 8 hours a day, they’d last you about 10 years. Reordering will be minimal, so I’d stock up on your volume and get the discounted bulk quantities, if I were you. (But that might just be the farm kid in me talking.)

Enjoy your Better Nights Bulbs! 💡💡💡

Learn why Swannies are the best blue light blocking glasses.



Danny Zoucha

COO of Swanwick

Danny is the COO of Swanwick and talks so much about business to his wife that she's trying to get on the payroll. He's from Nebraska, but lives in Australia, and is a pro at tripping up stairs and making extremely rich pasta.

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