Mom Hits A Home Run with Blue Light Blockers

Mom Hits A Home Run with Blue Light Blockers

It’s Baseball Season! Time to Put Your Blue Light Blockers On

You know you’re a mom when… the first thing you think about when baseball season rolls around is making sure you’ve got blue light blockers for everyone in your family.

Call me a party pooper, but I just don’t feel right when my kids go to a baseball game and end up staring into blue lights all night long. I know the LED lights are meant to save energy, and baseball fans say they’re on target to practically reinventing the game of baseball, but I’m just a bit skeptical.

According to sleep experts, blue light upsets the body’s circadian rhythm, which is responsible for the body’s sleep patterns.The last thing I need are kids with their sleep patterns going haywire. That’s why, when I do baseball season, I do blue-light-blocker baseball season.


Blue Light Blockers For All and Blue Light For None!

So I’m the quirky mom that makes her kids wear these weird sunglasses to nighttime baseball games, right? Well, it turns out, my kids think their blue light blockers are super cool. Swanwick Sleep makes blue light blockers just for kids. They come in a whole range of colors, which is great, but I have to admit, I’m just a little jealous. I actually ordered the red pair for myself but when they came in the mail, I could barely shove them on my face without stretching them out, and I have to say I was more than a little embarrassed. That’s ok though, when I saw the blue light blockers available for adults, I forgot all about my faux pas.

I have a thing for Ray-Bans. Ever since I saw Elton John wearing them in the eighties, I knew I had found my fashion statement. Reader, Swanwick has blue light blockers that would make the Rocket Man himself bristle with envy. The only problem I had was choosing between the black and the tortoiseshell frames. Then I asked myself, “What would Elton do?” and promptly bought both them both.

Now, the only problem was finding a pair of blue light blockers for my husband. He wears glasses already and he sort of thought that being able to see the game was a bit more important than getting to sleep that night, but that was before he saw Arnold Schwarzenegger wearing Swannies on the website. If Swannies were good enough for The Terminator, they were good enough for him. Now he was determined to get his hands on a pair, but how would he be able to wear them when he already had his prescription pair on?

Well, happily, Swanwick Sleep came through for us again!

It turns out they make fitover frames that fit right over your prescription glasses, and my husband looks really adorable in his. They actually look like laser lenses, so now he’s doing his Arnold impressions every time he wears them, which I’m beginning to find not so adorable.


Anyway, I’m beginning to think of these blue light blockers as a new fashion statement. Maybe my family will get on the webcam and everyone will think we look so cool, they’ll have to get some Swannies for themselves!

Maybe stadiums will even start selling them at baseball games! What a great entrepreneurial quirky mom idea! I’m on it!

Until then, I can rest easy knowing that this family is one that will make it through baseball season with our blue light blockers on and our circadian rhythms intact. Make sure your family is ready for baseball season, check out our collection of high quality blue light filter glasses.


Block out all the light with our luxurious 100% Silk Sleep EyeMask.

Sam Mehan

Fashion Designer and Entrepreneur

Sam is a fashion designer and entrepreneur living in the ever exciting country of Australia. Sam has a passion for educating others on the dangers of blue light as she herself knows the struggle with eye fatigue from long days of graphic design, followed by relaxing nights of gaming.

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