You take your mental and physical wellbeing seriously, constantly optimizing yourself for better mental clarity, energy, and productivity so you can focus on making a difference in the world. Regulating how blue light affects you physically and mentally is a key part of this practice, and we take it just as seriously.

That’s why we created a reading glasses option in both our Day Swannies and Night Swannies lenses for those who need a little vision assistance. With magnification strengths from +1.00 to +2.50 available, you’re sure to find the perfect reading glasses for your vision needs.

Our Reading Day Swannies glasses block between 46-98% of blue light between 400-450nm (the most harmful part of the blue light spectrum) and 21-46% of blue light between 450-500nm. This allows the good blue light that is beneficial to your health during the daytime to get through, while still protecting your eyes from over-exposure to harmful blue light.

For pre-bedtime readers, our Reading Night Swannies glasses block over 99% of blue light, which is crucial for helping your body slip into a natural sleep rhythm by promoting melatonin production.


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