4 Different Sleep Animals – Which One Are You?

4 different sleep animals - which one are you? (From The Power of When by Dr Michael J Breus).

Dolphins sleep with only half of their brain unconscious at one time (the scientific term for this is unihemispheric sleepers). One-half of their brain is resting and restoring, while the other half of the brain is alert and awake, enabling the dolphin to swim safely, and also be alert to any other predators who could be a danger. A dolphin is a metaphor for an insomniac: if you struggle to get to sleep and you’re highly restless at night, then you’re probably a Dolphin.

Lions wake up early in the morning to go hunting for their food, as these wild beasts are at the top of the food chain. This metaphor is representative of those of you who are morning risers, who love to get up early and attack the day with lots of optimism and drive.

Bear sleepers are the laid back, go-with-the-flow type who are good sleepers and hunt at whatever time suits them. This name suits the type of people who are pretty chill about their routine and love to sleep a lot.

Wolves are the nocturnal hunters who stay up cunningly hunting their prey. This name suits you if you are a creative extrovert who loves staying up until the early hours of the morning to get your things done.

What You Should Do:

For all the Dolphins...

A.M exercise. If you're struggling with insomnia and you're feeling shattered, I know that the last thing you'll want to do is go on a morning run. However, breaking a sweat in the morning can help you slow down and increase your tiredness later on in the day.

- Don't skip lunch. Dolphins commonly skip lunch, says Dr Breus, because they simply forget to. Dr Breus' advice is to set yourself a reminder, either on your phone or on your computer, to remind you to eat.

- Don't go to sleep too early. So you can avoid those 'wide awake in bed, contemplating my whole existence' moments, the best time for you to go to sleep as a dolphin is 11:30 pm. Avoid doing other leisurely activities, such as watching TV or reading, also. Associate your bed only with sleep or sex, advises Dr Breus.


For the Lions...

If you're a Lion, then set your plans up for the day. As you're an early morning riser anyway, you may as well use that to your own advantage and organize your day strategically. Make yourself a list of your daily tasks. "Lions are sharp at that time—and Lions love a list," says Dr Breus.

Work out earlier in the evening. Usually, a Lion will get their workout done early in the morning, as they're up at that time and it's convenient for them. However, exercising from 5 pm to 6 pm for a Lion can help give you extra energy, when otherwise you may be lethargic.

Try to avoid a high-carbohydrate meal at dinner time. This is because food with lots of carbs in will trigger the release of the serotonin, says Dr Breus, leading to you feeling lethargic and lagging out. Instead, try a protein-filled evening meal to keep sociable, alert and high-energy.

For the bears...

Be aware of your most productive period, and focus during these hours. For bears, it is likely between 10 am and 12 pm, says Dr Breus. Utilize the time and get as much of your to-do list done as possible, and limit other leisurely activities.

Get some midday exercise in. See whether you can fit in a 30-minute workout at your office gym, or failing that go for a walk around the block. This will keep you on top form for the second half of the day and will speed up your metabolism.

Save your socializing for later on. Naturally, bears are social beings, and therefore you should utilise your social activities for your best hours - between 3 pm and 6 pm is when your mood peaks, says Dr Breus.


For the wolves...

Expose yourself to some morning sun. Even though mornings are not a wolf's favorite time of the day, taking a 15-minute walk, however, will tell your brain that it's time to wake up, and will signal to it to stop producing melatonin.

Unwind before bed. Even though you'll probably have this surge of energy to work whilst every one else is sleeping (wolves should go to sleep at midnight, according to Dr Breus), use a free hour before you go to sleep to unwind. Good ways to do this could be meditating, stretching, or some other form of stress-free activity. Of course, if you do use screens, make sure to wear your Swannies.

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