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"I'm never without my Swannies® because they have changed my life."

"The Swanwick brand hands down.. there's no better quality. I learned that from Alex Charfen a while back and that's why I wanted to get involved with Swanwick because I knew this company is absolutely premium."

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Blue Blockers

“Swannies definitely work. My doctor recommended that I use blue blocker glasses because I have a hard time turning off my brain after a day of hard work. When I use Swannies as part of my evening routine, I definitely sleep better and operate at a higher rate the next day. I’ve been a user for years and plan to keep using them for years.”

Ryan Daniel Moran
Author of 12 Months to $1 Million

"I use GABA, Melatonin, L Theanine, Minerals and I always still had issues with sleep. Then I bought these glasses - rest is history,” says one reviewer, who now sleeps “like a baby” every night."

"Swannies are highly effective in blocking the blue-light from your laptops and mobile phones that disrupt your natural sleep hormones."

"Better sleep means better business."

"An Australian company that sells sleep-aiding glasses."

"Invest in blue light-reducing glasses."

"Another brand that's highly rated is Swanwick, known for blocking blue-light exposure. These can be worn when the sun is up as well as after the sun goes down."

"If you're the type to regularly pull off all-nighters, pick up these glasses to relieve eye strain and get better sleep."

"Swannies are hugely popular and pretty affordable blue light-blocking computer glasses that are available in a wide range of styles."

"These pieces of eyewear help block wakefulness-promoting wavelengths of light from ever reaching your brain and are a must for people who need to be on their computers in the evening."

"Many blue-light blocking shades have a sporty look, but these Wayfarer-inspired glasses score major style points."

"Give your gamer the gift of more comfort during the day and more rest when the battle is finally finished with a pair of Swannies."

What real Swannies customers are saying

Kaleb B.

Love love love my Swannies. I've got the night ones and the day ones now. I reckon I get about an average 3x more hours of energy out of my day when I wear these in front of the computer all day (website development and digital marketing) and definitely get better sleeps when wearing my night ones before bed.

Plus I think they just look dope on my face.

Jennifer M.

I had a TBI and had serious headaches from being on any screen for very small amounts of time. A noticeable difference for the headaches and sleep so much better with the night shades. I bought the night glasses a few years ago and lost them and cried. They fit well they are well made and they look super cool. I am really enjoying the day glasses they make everything sharper because the optics are so good and it cuts out the white light haze.

Kendall P.

My son loves his Swannies he really enjoys putting them on when he's watching his iPad and TV. As a parent i feel relieved he is now protecting his eyes and sleep time from the blue light on all devices. No glasses, no devices so he is conditioned to wear them.

Bridgette W.

I've noticed a difference for sure. When I don't wear them, I feel like blue light is everywhere! These are great for my long hours at the computer. Thank you!

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