‘I Swanwick. I absolutely love these!’

- Ian G.

Certified Swannies® Customer

  • Sleep Tracker Bundle - Swanwick (Black)
  • Sleep Tracker Bundle - Swanwick (Tortoise Shell)
  • Sleep Tracker Bundle - Swanwick (Layered Gunmental)
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Sleep Tracker Bundle

‘I Swanwick. I absolutely love these!’

- Ian G.

Certified Swannies® Customer


Sleep Tracker Bundle has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 22 reviews.
  • Block over 99% of blue light before bed for deep restful sleep
  • Protect from blue light damage during the day
  • Keep your Swannies® safe and sound in premium cases
  • Train your brain to fall asleep quick with hypnotherapy
  • Sleep through the night through hypnotic brain training
  • Feel rested, energetic and protected
Tortoise Shell
Layered Gunmetal
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100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

  • 1x Classic Night Swannies®
  • 1x Classic Day Swannies®
  • 2x Collapsible Premium Swannies® Cases
  • 1x Instant Download Sleep Hypnotherapy
  • Free Shipping > Free Returns
  • 30-Day No-Hassle Guarantee

Fall Asleep Quicker
Sleep Deeper

Fall Asleep Quicker
Sleep Deeper

Wake Up Refreshed
Tackle Your Day

Wake Up Refreshed
Tackle Your Day

How Swannies® Blue Light Blocking Glasses Tackle Eye Care & Poor Sleep

With over six years of research and development, Swanwick® blue light blocking glasses have been specifically designed to be the solution to the digital eye strain and sleep deprivation burdens afflicting the world. This is how we do it.

Protect Your Eyes

Day Swannies® are the perfect blue light protection you need in today's modern, digital world. Blue light damages your eyes. Block it with Day Swannies®.

Improve Your Sleep

Night Swannies® are the most scientifically-validated blue blockers on the market, designed to benefit your sleep and enhance your performance the following day.

Maintain Eye Health

Each pair of Day Swannies® is applied with laboratory-tested and scientifically selected coatings to intercept and deflect blue light, and do it in style.

Relax Before Bed

It's not just that digital blue light makes you think it's day time. It's been shown to cause anxiety and uneasy alertness. Swannies® are great for "tuning off the noise" of digital blue light so you can feel calm.

One Pair of Eyes

Eyes don't come cheap. Would you miss your sight if it left? Of course! Like tires on your car, blue light protective glasses should be seen as an investment. You get what you pay for.

“I slept great!”

Tossing and turning?
Waking up mid-sleep? Lying awake? There’s a reason. You’re not crazy. Swannies® can improve all of these negative experiences and wake you up refreshed.

  • Our Swannies® with orange tinted lens block 99.5-100% of blue light between 400-500nm and are designed primarily for wearing in the hours before bedtime, to improve sleep and prevent blue light related sleep problems. This is because blue light between 450-480nm has been shown to suppress the production of melatonin, the sleep-promoting hormone.

    At night time, blue light exposure should be limited as much as possible in order to align with the sun going down, which your body uses as the signals to prepare for sleep.

    The Day Swannies® with almost-clear lens are specifically designed for screen-time during the day. They block between 45-98% of blue light between 400-450nm, which studies are have shown is the most harmful part of the blue light spectrum. They allow some of the blue light between 450-500nm to get through, because blue light exposure during the day important to give your body the signals that it is daytime and that it should be awake. Natural levels of blue light during the daytime can also help with alertness, memory and cognitive function. The Day Glasses give you these benefits while protecting your eyes from the harmful blue light.

    By allowing exposure to the good blue light during the day, and limiting all blue light at night, your body will get the appropriate signals to help regulate its sleep/wake cycle and help you get the best out of both your sleeping and waking hours.

    We have several options for those who wear glasses. Firstly we have our Fitover Swannies®, which are specially designed to be worn over another pair of glasses. These are available in both Day and Night lens, or as a value Bundle:

    Secondly, you have the option of ordering custom prescription Swannies® from us. This is where we make our Day or Night Swannies® with your own prescription in the lens. These lenses are made to order in our lens lab in California. You can view our prescription options at the following link:

    We also have magnified Swannies® Readers:

    Night Swannies® should be worn continuously for 1-2 hours before bedtime. Some people find better results wearing them for even longer, such as as soon as the sun goes down. We recommend you experiment with what works best for you.

    Ensure you wear your Night Swannies® continuously without taking them off until you are in bed with all the lights off. Once all lights and devices are off and you are ready to sleep, you can take off your Swannies®. This is because even a small exposure to blue light during this critical phase could cause disruption to your sleep.

    Swannies® Day Glasses should be worn any time you are using devices with digital screens during daylight hours. This will allow you to block the most harmful part of the blue light spectrum (between 400-450nm) whilst allowing natural levels of beneficial blue light through, which will help you to regulate your sleep/wake cycle.

    When the sun goes down, you need to block more of the blue light spectrum, to signal to your body that it’s time to get ready for sleep. For this, we recommend switching to our orange tinted Swannies® Night Glasses, which are designed to block the full spectrum of blue light, including the wavelength shown to suppress melatonin production (450-480nm).

    Here at Swanwick, we regularly have our Day and Night Swannies® lens transmission independently lab tested by Colts Laboratories. We believe in transparency when it comes to the science behind our Swannies® Blue Light Blocking Glasses. That is why, when choosing where to purchase blue light blocking glasses, we recommend you check whether transmission reports from an independent testing facility are available. You can access our full reports below:

    Night Swannies® Transmission Report

    Day Swannies® Transmission Report


    Night Swannies® block over 99% of blue light between 400-500nm, and around 80% of green light from 400-550nm.

    Day Swannies® block 98% of blue light at 400 nanometers, graduating to 45% at 450nm (the most harmful part of the spectrum). Day Swannies® also block between 21-45% of blue light between 450-500 nanometers.

    For more information on the differences between Day and Night Swannies®, click here.

    For more information about the science behind Swannies®, please visit swannies.com/science.

  • Day Swannies® block the most harmful part of the blue light spectrum for your eyes, while allowing some healthy light to pass, which is beneficial for your sleep/wake cycle and productivity.

    Night Swannies® offer the full-spectrum blue light protection needed to help your body prepare for sleep.

    This set includes:

    • 1x Classic Night Swannies
    • 1x Classic Day Swannies
    • 2x Premium Foldable Cases
    • 1 x Instant Download Sleep Hypnotherapy


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