Save $100 when you purchase Platorm with Mattress

The World’s First
No Pressure™ Mattress

  • Supports your back like a firm mattress
  • Cradles hips and shoulders like a soft mattress
  • No compromises like a “medium- firmness” mattress
  • Get the best of both worlds: firm + soft
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My first night, and every night since, have been the best sleep I've ever had. It is insanely comfortable.

~ Jessica C. 5-Star Amazon Review

Perfect spinal alignment
on both your back and side

Back Sleeping

When you lie on your back, you want your spine to maintain its natural curve.

Side Sleeping

When you lie on your side, you want your spine to be in a straight line.

Not only I did sleep that first night without sweating for the first time for as long as I can remember, but my wife who is pregnant says it is one of the best mattresses she has ever slept on while being 7 months pregnant.

~ Jordan 5-Star Amazon Review

Enjoy your bed for 100 nights
No pressure, no commitments

Sleep on your Purple® Bed for 100 nights. If you don’t love your mattress, we’ll pick it up and refund your money.

See, no pressure.

If I could give this more than five stars, I absolutely would! Without a doubt, this is the most comfortable bed I have ever slept in.

~ Alan B. 5-Star Amazon Review

More than 73 million Americans suffer from chronic sleep disorders

23% of Americans suffer from sleep problems.

23% of Americans suffer from sleep problems. Wouldn’t it be nice if your mattress was part of the solution?

This mattress is the best thing that has ever happened to my back! I don't toss and turn at night and I wake up well rested in the morning.

~ Rachel 5-Star Amazon Review

A $5,000 mattress for $1,000

When you sleep on a Purple, you're sleeping on 15 patents of advanced cushioning technology. Competitor beds at retail range from $3,000 to $5,000.


Support-less Memory Foam

Expensive Latex

Glorified Air Beds

Empty Wallets And Broken Dreams

The Purple

Delightfully Comfortable

Unbelievably Supportive

Crazy Durable



Skip all the drama, shop in pajamas!

Delivery of the Purple Bed

Try Purple with No Pressure™. When you shop online, shipping is 100% free and your Purple® Bed arrives directly to your door in a tightly-rolled, pretty Purple package.

If you don’t LOVE your mattress in the first 100 nights, we’ll come pick it up and refund you 100%.

Best sleep that we've ever had.

~ Seth D. 5-Star Amazon Review

Most mattress (companies)
are full of hot air

Hot Air Balloon

For years, mattress companies have been putting more air and less substance into their product—lighter foam, fewer coils, cheaper frames...they charge more and give you less.


We don’t skimp on what makes Purple great—your Purple® Bed will be heavy, just the way it should be.

Your house won't collapse in a few years, Neither should your mattress

My first night, and every night since, have been the best sleep I've ever had. It is insanely comfortable.

~ Jessica 5-Star Amazon Review

Memory Foam is so 1999

Purple is temperature-neutral.
Memory foam holds heat.

Purple never develops a body indent.
Memory foam will.

Purple is made from non-toxic, food grade material.
Memory foam contains VOCs and other chemicals.

Careful! Staying at hotels
will never be the same

When we guarantee you’ll LOVE your Purple® Mattress, we mean it.
As in, you’ll-hate-all-other-mattresses-on-Earth type of love.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you ??

I used to love sleeping in hotels. I always felt like I got better sleep. After a few nights on Purple (and just one business trip later) I realized there's no place I sleep better than on my Purple. Not even close.

~ Whittney 5-Star Amazon Review

Built for every body

No matter what the bathroom scale tells you,
we were made for each other.

Worth every penny! I have chronic neck and back pain and usually get migraines from the pain. Since I've had this mattress for two weeks my pain is virtually gone and no migraines! It perfectly forms to your body and is AMAZING!

~ J. Meyer 5-Star Amazon Review

Like Goldilocks, we sleep
on a lot of beds, too

The Purple founders

1989 found two brothers, engineers Tony and Terry Pearce, fly fishing in the Rockies and talking about partnering to change the world. Tony’s 13 years of experience in advanced aerospace materials, and Terry’s 20 years of experience in manufacturing, design, and project management, led to a partnership creating high-tech carbon fiber sporting goods and wheelchairs.

Three years ago, the Pearces set out to combine all their knowledge of cushioning into the world’s best mattress.

Today, they’re delivering that mattress.


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