Our Chemical Free Wool Topper provides extra cushioning, soft comfort, and additional pressure point relief for the ultimate in rest and relaxation for your body every night. A topper goes right on top of your mattress or futon and then place your mattress pad and fitted sheet over both the topper and the mattress or futon, which will hold the topper in place. Mattress toppers can be easily rotated and help to add longevity to your mattress. The Chemical-Free Wool Topper, 2" Teddy Bear Extra Thick (Thicker than most 3" Toppers) Natural Wool Mattress Topper adds temperature control and natural loft that only Wool can provides. This Natural Wool Mattress Topper is perfect season to season, read the reviews above to find out just how much our customers love sleeping on Wool!

A Natural Wool Mattress Topper will not only add protection to your mattress but the moisture repellent properties of wool will keep your comfortable in all seasons! Buy a Wool Mattress Topper at factory direct prices and save big on chemical free sleep products made exclusively by Organic Nights.

Super comfy and finally keeps

"Super comfy and finally keeps my husband temperature regulated. It made our mattress much larger than just 2 inches higher but our regular queen sheets fit without problem."

-Juliann Verified Buyer

Made in The USA

Chemical Free Wool Topper

  • 100% Chemical Free
  • Filled With 18-30 Lbs. Of Wool
  • 15-20 Year Life Expectancy
  • Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Materials
  • Designed For Everyday Use
  • 30 Day Comfort Guarantee.
  • Completely custom assembled in our San Francisco Factory

The Best Wool Topper

  • Natural Repellent Of Moisture
  • Ideal Temperature Control For Any Season
  • Added Support From Natural Crimp
  • Twin Size 18 lbs Of Wool For Natural Loft & Spring
  • Twin x-long Size 19 lbs Of Wool For Natural Loft & Spring
  • Full/double Size 21 lbs Of Wool For Natural Loft & Spring
  • Queen Size 24 lbs Of Wool For Natural Loft & Spring
  • King Size 30 lbs Of Wool For Natural Loft & Spring
  • Harvested Only From Sheep Raised Humanely
  • Naturally felted in our Wool Carding Machine in San Francisco, California

The wool topper arrived earlier

“The wool topper arrived earlier than expected, and there was no odor when we unwrapped it! The wool topper is so comfortable! We couldn't be happier!”

-Cali L.

Natural Wool supports the body to relax and enjoy deeper and longer stages of sleep, as you are kept comfortable with a more relaxed heart rate. Our best wool topper and mattresses breathe and dissipate the natural moisture your body produces during the night. Wool keeps you cool and comfortable, or warm with overheating. Thus you can experience a peaceful night’s sleep. Also wool promotes a environment so dry that dust-mites simply will not inhabit. Wool is also hypoallergenic, which is anti-allergenic offering you the best environment when fighting allergies. All the wool in our wool toppers, futons and mattresses is bleach and lanolin-free. Our naturally crimped wool offer soft yet supportive layers of comfort.

Fire Retardant Free - Wool is a natural fire retardant and by using it as the outer layer of this mattress we have been able to construct this natural wool mattress topper completely free of chemical fire retardants. Ensuring this mattress is completely chemical free.


Mattress Feel - Best Wool Topper

EXTRA SOFT - SOFT Natural wool topper, mattresses and futons are ideal for sitting and side sleepers. These mattresses offer enough support while still providing conforming ability for your shoulders, hips, knees, and is generally a perfect firmness for small sleepers. A sleeper weighing less the 140 lbs. may enjoy a soft mattress more. These sleepers may float on our best wool topper surface of the mattress and these softer materials allow sinking of hips knees and shoulders crating better pressure relief and support. Extra soft and soft mattresses are not recommended for tummy or back sleepers. If your mattresses will be used traditionally for sitting a Extra Soft to Soft Mattress is a great choice.


30 Day Comfort Guarantee 30 days FTS

Buying a wool topper without lying on it is easier than you may think. Even if you get the opportunity to lie on a mattress in a store it is not the same as an eight hour slumber. The Futon Shop manufactures 45 custom mattresses to meet your precise characteristics, height, weight, age, and sleeping position. So call us and let our snooze specialist examine your needs and sleep positions and let us make a recommendation. We stand behind that recommendation with the best 30-day, Comfort Guarantee.