Executive Personal Assistant (EPA) to the CEO

Executive Personal Assistant (EPA) to the CEO

Required Location: Los Angeles, CA


We are a company on the rise. As such, our CEO requires someone to help:

  1. Maintain multiple email inboxes
  2. Collect, disseminate and organize his thoughts
  3. Communicate to relevant team members in multiple locations around the world.
  4. Be generally awesome.

We require someone who is extremely-detail oriented with a thick skin to absorb a lot of our CEO's "mind bombs". He has heaps of ideas, instructions, and communications requests.

One of your jobs will be to:

  1. Record this information in note form
  2. Reassemble the information in brief form
  3. Submit to CEO for communications approval
  4. Send brief to team members

Among other things, you will be asked to complete a myriad of personal assistant tasks. The greater your aptitude, the more likely you'll be hired. Finding hotels. Booking flights. Sending/checking emails. Organizing for new digital gadgets. If it CAN be done, you may be asked to do it.


You should:

  • Have previous experience working as the right-hand to a high level businessperson.
  • Be ruthlessly persistent in finding answers and ticking boxes.
  • Have a full working knowledge of G Suite.
  • Be either an iPhone/Mac user, or have a strong knowledge thereof.
  • Be all about attention to detail - glossing over the finer points isn't an option!
  • Able to multitask - we expect you to juggle 50 different jobs at once without dropping the ball (we're not kidding).
  • Be ready to be challenged and not afraid of putting in hard work to deliver a superior result.

Our CEO generally lives in LA or Texas, but frequently travels the world. You will often be asked to stay up certain evenings to ensure high priority communication goes through.

Finally, our CEO is all about the result. You will listen carefully. Take exquisite notes, and be everything he could ask for and more. In return, you will have the opportunity to work for and with a company and team that is making things happen in the sleep space. We’ve been featured in the New York Times, GQ, Today, and a host of others. This is a golden opportunity for the right candidate.

If this sounds like your opportunity, PLEASE apply!

Just to see that you read all the way to the bottom, and actually understand the enormity of being detail-oriented, in your cover letter, please start with a list of the first words from each point in the second numbered list above.

Finally, fill out this form, and upload your cover letter there. Thanks!