You Can Laugh At Sleep Problems - If You Follow These Rules

You can laugh at sleep problems - if you follow these rules.

Getting a good night sleep is imperative, however getting a good, deep, yielding rest can be challenging for a lot of us. Therefore, below, I will share the best ways you can get a great nights rest.


#1 Limit The Exposure Of Blue Light Screens

If you don't have yourself a pair of Swannies blue-light blocking glasses, the late Netflix binge that you immerse yourself in, or the dopamine-induced Instagram coma that you find yourself in before closing your eyes, is going to severely hurt your sleep. This is because blue-light hinders your body's production of melatonin - that comfy snug hormone that makes you knock out like a baby.


#2 Wear Your Swannies

By wearing the stylish Swannies blue light blocking glasses 90 minutes before you fall asleep, you will stop yourself from being exposed to blue light, allowing your body to naturally release that good ol' melatonin. Even better, you can watch your favorite TV programmes, whilst wearing the Swannies, and not have the blue screen affect your sleep. Nice.

Swannies are imperative to your sleep because the truth is that our bodies are not used to the exposure of blue light. In fact, blue-light has only existed for as long as electricity has existed - around the 19th century. Therefore, from an evolutionary standpoint, our bodies are not adapted to the blue light.


#3 Cool Down Your Room

If your turn your thermostat to around 60°F to 70°F (15°C-20°C), your room will be the perfect environment for you to nod off for a great night sleep, according to the National Sleep Foundation. This is due to the fact that the cooler your body is, the sleepier you will feel. If you feel like you're roasting in your room, then crack a window and air it out, or turn your fan on. This should help you get to sleep in no time.


#4 Relax Your Body

Great ways for you to unwind before bed are yoga, reading and meditation. They will help you remain with a clear mind and relieve your body of any cortisol and stress that you may accumulate throughout the day. It's hard to sleep when you've got things on your mind, so make sure that you can get yourself some reflective time to re-centre yourself into presence.


#5 Tone Down The Lights

Don't take a sleeping pill. Nature's sleeping pill is the darkness. Darkness is the absence of light and it cues the release of melatonin. Turning down the lights around 90 minutes before you drop off to sleep can help you fall asleep quicker, according to San Francisco-based psychologist Steve Orma, PsyD.


#6 Run Yourself A Hot Bath

Taking a lovely, hot bath relaxes your muscles, soothes and induces you into a sleepy state. A great thing to try could be magnesium-rich Epsom bath salt, as magnesium helps us feel more sleepy.


#7 Bed Is For Sleep and Sex Only

Because the brain is very clever, it will create very powerful neural associations and conditioning with our environment, so that you may feel a certain emotion when you're in a certain place. Therefore, if we use our bed for only sex and sleep, we will condition ourselves to fall asleep in this environment easier.


If you want to have deep REM sleep and knockout like a baby, make sure to grab your pair of Swannies Blue Light Blocking Glasses today!




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