Blue Blocking Glasses Test: Good Reviews For Blocking the Blues!

Blue Blocking Glasses Test: Good Reviews For Blocking the Blues!



At Swanwick Sleep, we take sleep seriously. That's why we've made it our mission to create products which can help you have the best sleep of your life and be able to enjoy it as much as we do.


One of those fantastic products is Swannies, our Blue Light Blocking Glasses. We made a product validation study to test how amazing Swannies are at blocking blue light and help you sleep better.


At Swanwick Sleep, we know you like your sleep, and we know you like your devices as well. We designed our blue light blocking glasses to eliminate the sleep-depriving effects of blue light from electronic devices so you can have the best of both worlds. Win-win!


In this article, we want to show to you that how our Swannies have improved the sleep, and quality of life for people just like you, who used to struggle with getting a good night's sleep.


Let's have a look at the results for our blue light blocking glasses test.

The Blue Light Blocking Glasses Test Revealed

To conduct our blue light blocking glasses test, we needed participants struggling with sleep problems. So we started sending out invitations to people who were using S+ ResMed devices to track their sleep. We chose the ones who reported experiencing more than 30 minutes of sleep latency for at least eight nights in a four week period before our test.  


Our participants had no preexisting conditions that might have jeopardized the integrity of our study.


In the end, 30 people met our study criteria. They were all:


  • United States residents,
  • between the ages of 25 to 65,
  • were using a laptop or tablet daily
  • were exposed to bright environments late at night.


So we asked our participants to do three things over the next four weeks:


  1. Wear their Swannies in the evening.
  2. Wear the ResMed device to track their sleep.
  3. Answer a sleep questionnaire every day.


After the four week period, the results were in! We won’t hold you in suspense any longer.   

The Envelope Please….

The results agreed upon one thing: Swannies were a hit all the way around!


Find out more about the study results in this article.

Our results in a nutshell

When we asked our participants to rate their Swannies on a scale from 0 to 100, (with 0 being the lowest and 100 being the highest) the average score was 70.


When our participants were asked how long it took them to get adjusted to Swannies, most of them said they took to Swannies like bees to honey.

  • The most common response was that it only took one night for participants to get used to Swannies
  • ⅔ said it took them four nights or less.
  • 6% that said they never got used to Swannies

Let’s get statistical

Here is a little more of what our participants had to say about Swannies:


  • 90% of participants found Swannies easy to incorporate into their nightly routine
  • 90% found Swannies comfortable to wear
  • 73% reported that Swannies helped reduce their digital eye-strain
  • 63% said the orange tinted lenses made them feel sleepy


Here are some of the comments we received from our participants:


  • “Swannies helped block out the blue light from my computer and phone.”
  • “They really reduced my eye strain. The amber tint was very comforting to my eyes.”
  • “They have helped me sleep much better now!”
  • “I felt relaxed at the end of the day after putting on my Swannies. They’re very soothing.”
  • “They fit well, are comfortable, and most of all, they really work to improve my sleep quality.”


Now how’s that for a stellar review?


Of course, there were also people who didn't enjoy Swannies precisely because of their amber tinted lenses. Here’s what they said:


  • “Swannies really changed the color of my surrounding.”
  • “Some tasks that relied on color had to be delayed while I was wearing Swannies.”


We hear you… all!


We have taken your comments and feedback seriously. That’s why we recently launched Day Swannes, our first blue light blocking glasses with clear lenses. Just because we want you all to enjoy the benefits of a good night’s sleep and an eye-strain free life.


Now that you’ve heard what other people had to say about Swannies, we want to know what you have to say about them. Put yourself to the Swannies blue light blocking glasses test and let us know your thoughts. You can leave a review on our website here or on Amazon here.


We want to hear the good and the bad, so we can make the bad good and make the good better.