Two Peas In A Podcast: James Swanwick and Scott Mulvaney Discuss Swannies Blue Blockers on the LIVETHEFUEL Podcast

Two Peas In A Podcast:

James Swanwick and Scott Mulvaney Discuss Swannies Blue Blockers on the LIVETHEFUEL Podcast




Who’s living the fired up epic life?


James Swanwick is back in the spotlight. If you know Swanwick as the dashing Aussie media darling, former ESPN anchor, business entrepreneur, rockstar journalist and Swannies Blue Blockers creator that he is, you might find it a bit ironic that Swanwick’s new focus is sleep. James Swanwick has a lot of respect for rest. In fact, he’s even started a company dedicated to sleep.


Recently, Swanwick found the time to sit down with Scott Mulvaney on Mulvaney’s LIVETHEFUEL podcast, to talk about Swanwick Sleep and the Swannies Blue Light Blockers revolution.


Here are the highlights.



Talk about two peas in a podcast...

Scott Mulvaney’s LIVETHEFUEL project focuses on working toward big goals and making positive lifestyle changes. He wants to help people launch their next business or their next big idea.


Who better to discuss this with than James Swanwick? The two got along like, well... fire and fuel.



The story behind the blue light blockers aka the Swannies

Although Mulvaney made the fashion faux pas of not wearing Swannies Blue Blockers in the interview, he soon realized the error of his ways. As the podcast continued, Mulvaney noted how uncomfortable and unstylish his old blue blockers were, which only showcased the superior quality of the Swannies over their competitors.


After all, if they’re good enough for Schwartzenegger...


The two also discussed specific blue light dangers when it comes to children. According to Swanwick, when you give children the gift of technology, you may unknowingly be giving them a ticket to macular degeneration. Children’s eyes are even less conditioned than adult’s eyes to blue light, and the effects of blue light exposure can be especially dangerous for them.

Fortunately, Swanwick Sleep has kid’s blue blockers in a wide array of neon colors. With Swannies, you can give your kids devices knowing their eyes will be well-protected and they’ll also sleep well at night.


Check out the entire episode here:

Here’s a tip for you: be sure to wear your Swannies Blue Blockers while you listen to the whole story behind them. They will intensify the experience!