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How Meditation Can Help You Fall Asleep

I’m going to tell you how meditation can help you fall asleep.... Because meditation can often be overlooked in the Western world. However, slowly as a culture we are beginning to bring light to the benefits of taking 20 minutes out of your day to just do… nothing. If you've ever got into bed trying to fall asleep, but you’re stuck there with racing thoughts, worrying about a seemingly never-ending to-do list, then this could ruin the possibility of a great night sleep. Sleep disturbance affects millions of Americans and lots of people all over the world. The next day after a poor night’s sleep can leave you feeling rough, lousy and can sap all of your energy. How can...

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Whose Fault Is It When You Get Poor Sleep?

Whose fault is it when you get poor sleep? Sleep is probably the most important thing for our health because these are the yielding hours where our body can fully recover. The immune system strengthens, our muscles grow (if probed) and we overcome sickness. However, many people struggle with sleep. But whose fault is it? Causation of bad sleep The causation of poor sleep is usually down to a few of the following: - exposure to blue light at night - poor sleeping cycles and habits - eating and drinking alcohol before sleep - not enough exercise before sleep If you do these habits often, then it is probably your own fault that you have trouble sleeping. #1 Exposure To...

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