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Shown to improve sleep in a SleepScore Labs study
Shown to improve sleep in a SleepScore Labs study
Improved ability to sleep at night

Improved ability to sleep at night

Improved overall sleep quality

Improved overall sleep quality

Improvement in feeling rested in the morning

Improvement in feeling rested in the morning

Increased sleepiness at bedtime

Increased sleepiness at bedtime

A joint study by the University of Washington and Indiana University found wearing Night Swannies® in the evening before bed improved the quality and quantity of sleep, along with effectiveness at work during the day.

Read the full study here.

Swannies® were the top performers in a study of commercially available blue light blocking glasses by the University of Arizona. The same study found the majority of other brands failed to effectively block sleep-disrupting, short-wavelength light.

Read the full study here.


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Can't Do It Without Them

Working on my computer or watching TV is now painless and relaxing. And yes, I do fall asleep more quickly than before. I got them on the recommendation of a computer engineer and science enthusiast who thoroughly researched the matter before deciding on Swannies.

Like A Massage For My Eyes

Got the Day Swannies after really enjoying the Night ones, and wasn't disappointed. They immediately feel comfortable on my eyes, look great, and keep me feeling relaxed but motivated. Crazy how a pair of glasses can pull this off - but they do! Love them.


I have been using this product for about 2 weeks and have seen amazing results. I am able to feel tired, and fall asleep faster, all thanks to my Swannies! I wear them for at least 2-3 hours prior to bedtime, even when I'm not on a tablet. Works every time.